Division of Nanocatalysis and Energy Conversion

Director of Division : Prof. XIONG Yujie
Research Areas: 
Faculties of Division (Sort by name)
XIONG Yujie Professor, Director
CHEN Chusheng Professor
CHEN Tao Professor
CHEN Wei Professor
HUANG Hanmin Professor
JI Hengxing Professor
LIU Bo Professor
LIU Xianwei Professor
QIAN Yitai Professor
REN Xiaodi Professor
SUN Yongfu Professor
WANG Gongming Professor
WU Yuen Professor
XIAO Chong Professor
XIAO Zhengguo Professor
XU Hangxun Professor
XU Jixian Professor
YE Bangjiao Professor
YU Yan Professor
ZENG Jie Professor
ZHAN Zhongliang Professor
ZHANG Hongjun Professor (Research)
ZHANG Xiaodong Professor
ZHOU Min Professor
ZHU Changfei Professor
ZHU Yanwu Professor
GENG Zhigang Associate Professor
HONG Xun Associate Professor
YANG Lihua Associate Professor
ZHU Yongchun Associate Professor

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