Division of Molecular Medicine

Division Director: Prof. ZHOU Rongbin
Research Areas:

Faculties of Division (Sort by name)
ZHOU Rongbin Professor, Director
BAI Li Professor
CANG Chunlei Professor
CHENG Linzhao Professor
SHAN Ge Professor
FU Binqing Professor
GAO Daxing Professor
GAO Ping Professor
HUANG Guangming Professor
JIANG Wei Professor
JIN Tengchuan Professor
QU Kun Professor
LIU Dan Professor
MEI Yide Professor
NI Fang Professor
PAN Wen Professor
PENG Hui Professor
SHI Qinghua Professor
SUN Baolin Professor
SUN Rui Professor
TIAN Zhigang Professor
WANG Yucai Professor
WEI Haiming Professor
WU Mian Professor
WU Qingfa Professor
XIAO Weihua Professor
YANG Zhenye Professor
ZENG Zhutian Professor
ZHANG Huafeng Professor
ZHU Shu Professor
ZHU Tao Professor
CHEN Yongyan Associate Professor
FANG Fang Associate Professor
MA Hongdi Associate Professor
SUN Cheng Associate Professor
ZHENG Xiaohu Associate Professor
ZHENG Xiaodong Associate Professor

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