Division of Low-dimensional Physics and Chemistry

Director of Division: Prof. GONG Liuzhu
Research Areas: 
 · Fabrication and characterization of functional low-dimensional structures
 · Laser light scattering of macromolecules and nanoparticles
 · Spectroscopy and photodissociation dynamics of small molecules and free radicals
 · Surface physical chemistry and dynamics
 · Physics and techniques of nanodevices
 · Strongly correlated electronic systems and spintronics
Faculties of Division (Sort by name)
GONG Liuzhu Professor, Director
CHEN Changle Professor
CHEN Dianfeng Research Professor
CHEN Xianhui Professor
FENG Donglai Professor
FU Yao Professor
GE Xuewu Professor
GU Zhenhua Professor
GUO Chang Professor
HE Junfeng Professor
HONG Chunyan Professor
HOU Dazhi Professor
HU Jinming Professor
JIANG Juan Research Professor
KANG Yanbiao Research Professor
LI Xiaoguang Professor
LIANG Haojun Professor
LIU Guangming Professor
LIU Shiyong Professor
LU Yalin Professor
LU Junling Professor
LUO Deping Professor
QIN Shengyong Professor
SHI Lei Research Professor
Yutaka MATSUO Professor
SUN Xuefeng Professor
TIAN Shikai Professor
WANG Yifeng Professor
WANG Zhiyong Professor
WANG Chuan Professor
WANG Deliang Professor
WANG Guanwu Professor
WANG Guanzhong Professor
WANG Haiqian Research Professor
WANG Lingfei Research Professor
WANG Xisheng Professor
WANG Xiaoping Professor
WANG Yilin Research Professor
WU Qi Professor
WU Si Professor
WU Tao Professor
WU Wenbin Professor
WU Changzheng Professor
XIE Yi Professor
XU Chunye Professor
YAN Lifeng Professor
YAN Yajun Research Professor
YIN Yuewei Professor
YOU Yezi Professor
ZENG Hualing Professor
ZENG Changgan Professor
ZHANG Shunhong Professor
ZHANG Yuheng Professor
FU Zhengping Associate Professor
GU Yonghong Associate Professor
GUO Yuqiao Associate Professor
HUANG Ningdong Associate Professor
LI Lin Associate Professor
LUO Shiwei Associate Professor
LUO Xigang Associate Professor
PENG Ranran Associate Professor
PI Li Associate Professor
WANG Hui Associate Professor
XIAO Shiyan Associate Professor
XIE Bin Associate Professor
XU Yunhe Associate Professor
ZHENG Jianming Associate Research

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