Division of Bio-X interdisciplinary Sciences

Director of Division: Prof. DU Jiangfeng
Research Areas: 
 · Imaging, detecting and manipulation of single biomolecules
 · Nano-bio technologies and nano-bio devices
 · Synthesis of biomaterials
 · New approaches and theories in bio-X sciences
 · Cognitive neuroscience
Faculties of Division (Sort by name)
DU Jiangfeng Professor, Director
CHEN Xun Professor
CHENG Guanglei Professor
CHENG Lin Research Professor
CHU Kaiqin Professor
DUAN Changkui Professor
JIANG Hongyuan Professor
LIN Yiheng Professor
LIU Dong Professor
MIN Yuanzeng Professor
PENG Xinhua Professor
QIU Bensheng Professor
RONG Xing Professor
SHI Fazhan Professor
SU Jihu Professor
WANG Sujing Research Professor
WANG Ya Professor
WU Dong Professor
XU Xiaorong Professor
XU Lei Professor
YANG Yidong Professor
YE Shuji Professor
YIN Chunming Professor
YUAN Junhua Professor
ZHANG Guoqing Professor
ZHANG Rongjing Professor
ZHANG Xuepeng Professor (Research)
ZHU Lei Professor
GONG Lei Associate Professor
LI Zhaokai Associate Professor
QIN Xi Associate Professor
WANG Pengfei Associate Professor
YE Xiaodong Associate Professor

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