Time Title Speaker
5-24 15:00 Moiré Avengers Prof. CHEN Ruiguo
5-13 10:00 Ferroelectric polar vortex: ultrafine structure and ultrafast dynamics Prof. LI Qian
5-10 10:30 Two-Dimensional Electron Gases at Modulation-doped Oxide Interfaces:Electronic Structure Origins for the Enhanced Electron Mobility Prof. CHEN Yunzhong
12-16 10:00 Tensor Network States and Parton Wave Functions for Quantum Magnets Prof. WU Yinghai
11-04 16:00 Searching for ultralight dark matter Prof. AN Haipeng
11-05 15:00 Doping a Mott insulating triangular adatom lattice on silicon: sublattice melting and superconductivity Dr. MING Fangfei
11-06 16:00 The story of chain-folding: From polymers to proteins Prof. Wenbing HU
12-30 15:00 First Principles Studies of Oxygen Cycle Electrocatalysis: Multifunctional Materials and Reactivity Trends Dr. ZENG Zhenhua
12-24 10:00 Smart and active soft matter Dr. ZHANG Jie
12-26 15:00 Exciton Polariton Lattices in Halide Perovskite Semiconductors Prof. XIONG Qihua
12-26 09:30 Uncover the nature of ``hidden order" phase transition in the strong spin-orbit-coupled correlated metal Cd2Re2O7 Dr. WANG Yilin
12-6 09:30 Hydrogen quantum effects at high pressure Prof. Alexander F. Goncharov
11-21 10:00 Quantum Griffiths singularity, quantum metallic states and Ising superconductivity in 2D Superconductors Prof. Wang Jian
11-14 10:30 Sub-molecular fluorescence microscopy with STM Prof. Guillaume Schull
10-31 10:00 VeloxChem: an efficient implementation of real and complex response functions at the level of Kohn–Sham density functional theory Prof.Patrick Norman
10-28 15:00 Tunable Correlated and Topological Phenomena in ABC Trilayer Graphene on Boron Nitride Moiré Superlattice Dr. CHEN Guorui
10-16 15:00 Excited quantum Hall effect: enantiomorphic flat bands in a Yin-Yang Kagome lattice Prof. LIU Feng
09-12 10:00 Orbital Selective Superconductivity in Iron-based Superconductors Prof. DAI Pengcheng
09-09 10:00 The shape of the heart building blocks matters during heart formation and disease Dr. WU Mingfu
08-29 10:00 Visualize and Control Electronic Structures of Topological Quantum Materials Prof. CHEN Yulin

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