An Unprecedented Kernel Growth Mode and the Layer-Number-Odevity-Dependent Properties in Gold Nanoclusters
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59(2):731-734 Jan 2020 

Liao, Lingwen; Wang, Chengming; Zhuang, Shengli; Yan, Nan; Zhao, Yan; Yang, Ying; Li, Jin; Deng, Haiteng; Wu, Zhikun


Kernel atoms of Au nanoclusters are packed layer-by-layer along the [001] direction with every full (001) monolayer composed of 8 Au atoms (Au8 unit) in nanoclusters with formula of Au8n+4 (TBBT)4n+8 (n is the number of Au8 units; TBBTH=4-tert-butylbenzenelthiol). It is unclear whether the kernel atoms can be stacked in a defective-layer way along the [001] direction during growth of the series of nanoclusters and how the kernel layer number affects properties. Now, a nanocluster is synthesized that is precisely characterized by mass spectrometry and single-crystal X-ray crystallography, revealing a layer stacking mode in which a half monolayer composed of 4 atoms (Au4 unit) is stacked on the full monolayer along the [001] direction. The size and the odevity of the kernel layer number influence the properties (polarity, photoluminescence) of gold nanoclusters. The obtained nanocluster extends the previous formula from Au8n+4 (TBBT)4n+8 to Au4n+4 (TBBT)2n+8 (n is the number of Au4 units). 

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