Name:Zhiyong ZHANG
Address:University of Science & Technology of China
06/2010 – presentProfessor, School of Life Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China
04/2010 – 12/2010Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago
12/2006 – 03/2010Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Utah
12/2003 – 12/2006Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Health Information Sciences, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
09/1998 – 07/2003School of Life Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
09/1994 – 07/1998Department of Biology, University of Science and Technology of China B.S. in Molecular and Cell Biology
1.Computational tools for multi-scale modeling of large biomolecules, such as sampling techniques in molecular dynamics simulations and coarse-grained methods
2.Multi-scale modeling to investigate functional dynamics of biomolecules by integrating structural data from various experiments including NMR, cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), and small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)
1.Junhui Peng#, Chuang Yuan#, Rongsheng Ma, Zhiyong Zhang*. Backmapping from multiresolution coarse-grained models to atomic structures of large biomolecules by restrained molecular dynamics simulations using Bayesian inference. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2019 (15): 3344-3353
2.Zilong Wang, Shuang Wang, Zheng Xu, Mingwei Li, Kuan Chen, Yaqun Zhang, Zhimin Hu, Meng Zhang, Zhiyong Zhang*, Xue Qiao*, Min Ye*. Highly promiscuous flavonoid 3-O-glycosyltransferase from Scutellaria baicalensis. Organic Letters 2019 (21): 2241-2245
3.Chun Ye, Chengtao Ding, Rongsheng Ma, Junfeng Wang, Zhiyong Zhang*. Electrostatic interactions determine entrance/release order of substrates in the catalytic cycle of adenylate kinase. Proteins 2019 (87): 337-347
4.Difei Xu, Rongsheng Ma, Jiahai Zhang, Zhijun Liu, Bo Wu, Junhui Peng, Yanan Zhai, Qingguo Gong, Yunyu Shi, Jihui Wu, Qiang Wu, Zhiyong Zhang*, Ke Ruan*. Dynamic nature of CTCF tandem 11 zinc fingers in multivalent recognition of DNA as revealed by NMR Spectroscopy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2018 (9): 4020-4028
5.Bin Wen, Weiwei Wang, Jiahai Zhang, Qingguo Gong, Yunyu Shi, Jihui Wu*, Zhiyong Zhang*. Structural and dynamic properties of the C-terminal region of the Escherichia coli RNA chaperone Hfq: integrative experimental and computational studies. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2017 (19): 21152-21164
6.Peng Cheng#, Junhui Peng#, Zhiyong Zhang*. SAXS-oriented ensemble refinement of flexible biomolecules. Biophysical Journal 2017 (112): 1295-1301
7.Junhui Peng, Zhiyong Zhang*. Unraveling low-resolution structural data of large biomolecules by constructing atomic models with experiment-targeted parallel cascade selection simulations. Scientific Reports 2016 (6): 29360
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11.Zhiyong Zhang*. Systematic methods for defining coarse-grained maps in large biomolecules. Advances in Structural Bioinformatics 2015 (827): 33-48

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