Name:Shouhong Guang
Address:University of Science and Technology of China, 

School of Life Sciences, Hefei, Anhui 230027, China
2010 -Professor, School of Life Sciences, USTC
2005 - 2010Postdoc, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1999 - 2004PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1996 - 1999MS, University of Science and Technology of China
1991 - 1996BS, University of Science and Technology of China
The mechanistic underpinnings of RNAi are broadly conserved across eukaryotes. Initial successes utilizing small RNAs to target oncogenic and viral mRNAs have generated excitement that small RNAs may eventually be utilized to treat human diseases. Prior to the rational use of small RNA in therapeutics, it is essential to understand their biogenesis, specificity, transportation, and endogenous roles.
We am very interested in how small RNAs are transported and regulated, and how they function in the nucleus in metazoan. To address these questions, we conducted a genetic screen to identify factors required for nuclear RNAi in the model organism C. elegans and have identified three new genes termed nuclear RNAi defective (NRDE)-1/2/3. We have also identified a bifurcation of the nuclear and cytoplasmic RNAi pathway, a novel small RNA transport pathway, and a novel nuclear gene silencing mechanism.
Our research indicates that metazoans use a different mechanism than A. thaliana and S. pombe to silence gene expression in the nucleus. Further understanding how small RNAs function in the nucleus via NRDEs may permit more stable and specific inhibition of gene expression and facilitate advancement of both basic research and therapeutics.
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