Name:Xiaoming Tu (涂晓明)
Born:March 1976, Fujian
Address:Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale,
School of Life Science, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Anhui, Hefei 230026, P. R. China
 2005-presentSchool of Life Science, USTCAssociate Professor
 2002-2005University of California, San FranciscoPost-doc.
 1997-2002School of Life Science, USTCPh.D.
 1993-1997School of Life Science, USTCB.S.
We are attempting to study the structure and function of a number of proteins involved in a variety of cellular events. Currently, we are focusing on elucidation of the structure, function and their relationship of ubiquitin-like family proteins from eukaryote, prokaryote and archaea.
We are also attempting to elucidate the molecular mechanism of cell cycle regulation and gene expression regulation in Trypanosoma brucei. We are currently focusing on the two PWWP domain containing proteins involved in the gene expression regulation.
1)The National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program),2009-2013.
2)The Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Science,2011-2013.
3) The General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2013-2016.
4) Joint Funds of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014-2016.
1)Shanhui Liao, Wen Zhang, Kai Fan, Kaiqin Ye, Xuecheng Zhang, Jiahai Zhang, Chao Xu and Xiaoming Tu* (2013). Ionic strength-dependent conformations of a ubiquitin-like small archaeal modifier protein (SAMP2) from Haloferax volcanii.Scientific Reports. 3, 2136. (*: corresponding author)
2)Tao Wang, Jiahai Zhang, Xuecheng Zhang, Chao Xu and Xiaoming Tu* (2013). Solution structure of the Big domain from Streptococcus pneumoniae reveals a novel Ca2+-binding module.Scientific Reports. 3, 1079.
3)Yu Qiu, Wen Zhang, Chen Zhao, Yan Wang, Weiwei Wang, Jiahai Zhang, Zhiyong Zhang, Guohong Li, Yunyu Shi, Xiaoming Tu* and Jihui Wu* (2012) Solution structure of Pdp1 PWWP domain reveals its unique binding sites for methylated H4K20 and DNA. Biochemical Journal. 442: 527-538.
4)Wen Zhang, Jiahai Zhang, Xuecheng Zhang, Chao Xu and Xiaoming Tu* (2011) Solution structure of Taf14 YEATS domain and its roles in cell growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Biochemical Journal. 436: 83-90.
5)Shanhui Liao, Qiang Shang, Xuecheng Zhang, Jiahai Zhang, Chao Xu, Xiaoming Tu* (2009) Pup, a prokaryotic ubiquitin-like protein, is an intrinsically disordered protein. Biochemical Journal. Accelerated Publication. 422: 207-215.
6)Xiaoming Tu, Praveen Kumar, Ziyin Li and Ching C. Wang (2006) An Aurora Kinase Homologue is Involved in Mitosis and Cytokinesis in Trypanosoma brucei.J. Biol. Chem. 281:9677-9687.
7)Xiaoming Tu, Joel Mancuso, W. Zacheus Cande and Ching C. Wang (2005) Distinct cytoskeletal modulation and regulation of G1-S transition in the two life stages of Trypanosoma brucei. Journal of Cell Science. 118:4353-4364.
8)Xiaoming Tu and Ching C. Wang (2005) Coupling of Posterior Cytoskeletal Morphogenesis to the G1/S Transition in the Trypanosoma brucei Cell Cycle. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 16:97-105.
9)Xiaoming Tu and Ching C. Wang (2004) The involvement of two cdc2-related kinases (CRKs) in Trypanosoma brucei cell cycle regulation and the distinctive stage-specific phenotypes caused by CRK3 depletion.J. Biol. Chem. 279:20519-20528.

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