Name:Xuebiao Yao(X. Yao, 姚雪彪)
Address:Laboratory of Cellular Dynamics, University of Science and 

Technology of China, 230026 Hefei, P. R. China
1980-1984B.S., Jiangxi College of Chinese Medicine, China
1991-1995Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, USA
1995-1997Research Associate, University of California-San Diego, USA
1997-1999Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
2000-2003Visiting Research Professor, University of California-Berkeley, USA
2003-2008Georgia Cancer Coalition Eminent Scholar, USA
1999-Professor of Cell Biology, University of Science & Technology of China
2008-Director, Anhui Key Laboratory for Cellular Dynamics and Chemical Biology, China
1.Chromosome segregation and stemness control
2.Organoids architect and plasticity control
3.Chemical biology of mitosis and metastasis
4.Single molecule and super-resolution imaging
1.Centromere Dynamics & Plasticity Control, Natural Science Foundation of China (2017-2012)
2.Chemical biology of mitosis, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2016-2020)
3.Single cell dynamics, Natural Science Foundation of China (2015-2019)
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