Partial List of Publications 2014

Title Journal Volume,Pages Author
Quantum error correction in a solid-state hybrid spin register NATURE 506(7487):204 Feb 2014 Waldherr, G; Wang, Y; Zaiser, S; Jamali, M; Schulte-Herbruggen, T; Abe, H; Ohshima, T; Isoya, J; Du, JF; Neumann, P; Wrachtrup, J
Black phosphorus field-effect transistors NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 9(5):372-377 May 2014 Li, LK; Yu, YJ; Ye, GJ; Ge, QQ; Ou, XD; Wu, H; Feng, DL; Chen, XH; Zhang, YB
Two-dimensional Fermi surfaces in Kondo insulator SmB6 SCIENCE 346(6214):1208-1212 Dec 2014 Li, G; Xiang, Z; Yu, F; Asaba, T; Lawson, B; Cai, P; Tinsman, C; Berkley, A; Wolgast, S; Eo, YS; Kim, DJ; Kurdak, C; Allen, JW; Sun, K; Chen, XH; Wang, YY; Fisk, Z; Li, L
Experimental realization of a concatenated Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state for macroscopic quantum superpositions NATURE PHOTONICS
8(5):364-368 May 2014 Lu, H; Chen, LK; Liu, C; Xu, P; Yao, XC; Li, L; Liu, NL; Zhao, B; Chen, YA; Pan, JW
QUANTUM OPTICS Push-button photon entanglement NATURE PHOTONICS 8(3):174-176 Mar 2014
Lu, CY; Pan, JW
Stimuli-responsive tertiary amine methacrylate-based block copolymers: Synthesis, supramolecular self-assembly and functional applications PROGRESS IN POLYMER SCIENCE  39(6):1096-1143 Jun 2014 Hu, JM; Zhang, GY; Ge, ZS; Liu, SY
RNA viruses promote activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome through a RIP1-RIP3-DRP1 signaling pathway NATURE IMMUNOLOGY 15(12):1126-1133 Dec 2014 Wang, XQ; Jiang, W; Yan, YQ; Gong, T; Han, JH; Tian, ZG; Zhou, RB
Doped graphene for metal-free catalysis CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS 43(8):2841-2857 2014 Kong, XK; Chen, CL; Chen, QW
Graphene-based macroscopic assemblies and architectures: an emerging material system CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS 43(21):7295-7325 2014 Cong, HP; Chen, JF; Yu, SH
Oxidative etching for controlled synthesis of metal nanocrystals: atomic addition and subtraction CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS 43(17):6288-6310 2014 Long, R; Zhou, S; Wiley, BJ; Xiong, YJ
Two dimensional nanomaterials for flexible supercapacitors CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS 43(10):3303-3323 2014 Peng, X; Peng, LL; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Atomically-thick two-dimensional crystals: electronic structure regulation and energy device construction CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS 43(2):530-546 2014 Sun, YF; Gao, S; Xie, Y
Nanoparticles meet electrospinning: recent advances and future prospects CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS 43(13):4423-4448 2014 Zhang, CL; Yu, SH
UltrathinTwo-Dimensional Inorganic Materials: New Opportunities for Solid State Nanochemistry Accounts of Chemical Research 48 (1),3–12 Yongfu Sun, Shan Gao, Fengcai Lei,and Chong Xiao
Asymmetric Organocatalysis Combined with Metal Catalysis: Concept, Proof of Concept, and Beyond ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH 47(8):2365-2377 Aug 2014 Chen, DF; Han, ZY; Zhou, XL; Gong, LZ
Engineering Responsive Polymer Building Blocks with Host-Guest Molecular Recognition for Functional Applications ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH 47(7):2084-2095 Jul 2014 Hu, JM; Liu, SY
Decoupling Interrelated Parameters for Designing High Performance Thermoelectric Materials ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH 47(4):1287-1295 Apr 2014 Xiao, C; Li, Z; Li, K; Huang, PC; Xie, Y
Highly Confined Water: Two-Dimensional Ice, Amorphous Ice, and Clathrate Hydrates ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH 47(8):2505-2513 Aug 2014 Zhao, WH; Wang, L; Bai, J; Yuan, LF; Yang, JL; Zeng, XC
Experimental determination of the finite-temperature phase diagram of a spin-orbit coupled Bose gas NATURE PHYSICS 10(4):314-320 Apr 2014 Ji, SC; Zhang, JY; Zhang, L; Du, ZD; Zheng, W; Deng, YJ; Zhai, H; Chen, S; Pan, JW
Nonlinear inelastic electron scattering revealed by plasmon-enhanced electron energy-loss spectroscopy NATURE PHYSICS 10(10):753-757 Oct 2014 Xu, CK; Liu, WJ; Zhang, PK; Li, M; Zhang, HJ; Xu, KZ; Luo, Y; Chen, XJ
Visualizing kinetic pathways of homogeneous nucleation in colloidal crystallization NATURE PHYSICS 10(1):73-79 Jan 2014 Tan, P; Xu, N; Xu, L
Production of Feshbach molecules induced by spin-orbit coupling in Fermi gases NATURE PHYSICS 10(2):110-115 Feb 2014 Fu, ZK; Huang, LH; Meng, ZM; Wang, PJ; Zhang, L; Zhang, SZ; Zhai, H; Zhang, P; Zhang, J
Sensing and atomic-scale structure analysis of single nuclear-spin clusters in diamond NATURE PHYSICS 10(1):21-25 2014 Fazhan Shi; Xi Kong; Pengfei Wang; Fei Kong; Nan Zhao; Ren-Bao Liu; Jiangfeng Du
Reciprocal Regulation of HIF-1 alpha and LincRNA-p21 Modulates the Warburg Effect MOLECULAR CELL 53(1):88-100 Jan 2014 Yang, F; Zhang, HF; Mei, YD; Wu, M
Integration of an Inorganic Semiconductor with a Metal-Organic Framework: A Platform for Enhanced Gaseous Photocatalytic Reactions ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(28):4783 Jul 2014 Li, R; Hu, JH; Deng, MS; Wang, HL; Wang, XJ; Hu, YL; Jiang, HL; Jiang, J; Zhang, Q; Xie, Y; Xiong, YJ
A Unique Semiconductor-Metal-Graphene Stack Design to Harness Charge Flow for Photocatalysis ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(32):5689 Aug 2014 Bai, S; Ge, J; Wang, LL; Gong, M; Deng, MS; Kong, Q; Song, L; Jiang, J; Zhang, Q; Luo, Y; Xie, Y; Xiong, YJ
Non-Volatile 180 degrees Magnetization Reversal by an Electric Field in Multiferroic Heterostructures ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(41):7091 Nov 2014 Yang, SW; Peng, RC; Jiang, T; Liu, YK; Feng, L; Wang, JJ; Chen, LQ; Li, XG; Nan, CW
Amphiphilic Star Copolymer-Based Bimodal Fluorogenic/Magnetic Resonance Probes for Concomitant Bacteria Detection and Inhibition ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(39):6734-6741 Oct 2014 Li, YM; Yu, HS; Qian, YF; Hu, JM; Liu, SY
Maximizing Integrated Optical and Electrical Properties of a Single ZnO Nanowire through Native Interfacial Doping ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(19):3035-3041 May 2014 Ding, HY; Pan, N; Ma, C; Wu, YK; Li, JW; Cai, HB; Zhang, K; Zhang, GH; Ren, WZ; Li, JQ; Luo, Y; Wang, XP; Hou, JG
Rational Design of Polyion Complex Nanoparticles to Overcome Cisplatin Resistance in Cancer Therapy ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(6):931-936 Feb 2014 Yang, XZ; Du, XJ; Liu, Y; Zhu, YH; Liu, YZ; Li, YP; Wang, J
An Efficient DNA-Fueled Molecular Machine for the Discrimination of Single-Base Changes ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(35):6181 Sep 2014 Zhang, LF; Song, TJ; Xiao, SY; Yao, DB; Huang, FJ; Hu, MB; Liang, HJ, SL; Xu, AW
Single-Layered Graphitic-C3N4 Quantum Dots for Two-Photon Fluorescence Imaging of Cellular Nucleus ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(26):4438 Jul 2014 Zhang, XD; Wang, HX; Wang, H; Zhang, Q; Xie, JF; Tian, YP; Wang, J; Xie, Y
25th Anniversary Article: Artificial Carbonate Nanocrystals and Layered Structural Nanocomposites Inspired by Nacre: Synthesis, Fabrication and Applications ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(1):163-188 Jan 2014 Yao, HB; Ge, J; Mao, LB; Yan, YX; Yu, SH
Controlled Ambipolar Tuning and Electronic Superlattice Fabrication of Graphene via Optical Gating ADVANCED MATERIALS 26(22):3735-3740 Jun 2014 Qi, J; Zhang, H; Ji, DD; Fan, XD; Cheng, L; Liang, HX; Li, H; Zeng, CG; Zhang, ZY
Structure of the gas vesicle protein GvpF from the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 70(11):3013-3022 Nov 2014 Xu, BY; Dai, YN; Zhou, K; Liu, YT; Sun, QQ; Ren, YM; Chen, YX; Zhou, CZ
Structure of Rot, a global regulator of virulence genes in Staphylococcus aureus ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 70(9):2467-2476 Sep 2014 Zhu, YW; Fan, XJ; Zhang, X; Jiang, XG; Niu, LW; Teng, MK; Li, X
Structural basis for the substrate selectivity of PvuRts1I, a 5-hydroxymethylcytosine DNA restriction endonuclease ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 70(9):2477-2486 Sep 2014 Shao, C; Wang, CL; Zang, JY
Crystal structures and catalytic mechanism of the C-methyltransferase Coq5 provide insights into a key step of the yeast coenzyme Q synthesis pathway ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 70(8):2085-2092 Aug 2014 Dai, YN; Zhou, K; Cao, DD; Jiang, YL; Meng, F; Chi, CB; Ren, YM; Chen, YX; Zhou, CZ
Asymmetric Organocatalytic Direct C(sp(2))-H/C(sp(3))-H Oxidative Cross-Coupling by Chiral Iodine Reagents ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(13):3466-3469 Mar 2014 Wu, H; He, YP; Xu, L; Zhang, DY; Gong, LZ
Chiral Counteranion Strategy for Asymmetric Oxidative C(sp(3))-H/C(sp(3))-H Coupling: Enantioselective alpha-Allylation of Aldehydes with Terminal Alkenes ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(45):12218-12221 Nov 2014 Wang, PS; Lin, HC; Zhai, YJ; Han, ZY; Gong, LZ
C-H Functionalization/Asymmetric Michael Addition Cascade Enabled by Relay Catalysis: Metal Carbenoid Used for C-C Bond Formation ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(40):10763-10767 Sep 2014 Chen, DF; Zhao, F; Hu, Y; Gong, LZ
Crystal-Plane-Controlled Selectivity of Cu2O Catalysts in Propylene Oxidation with Molecular Oxygen ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(19):4856-4861 May 2014 Hua, Q; Cao, T; Gu, XK; Lu, JQ; Jiang, ZQ; Pan, XR; Luo, LF; Li, WX; Huang, WX
Designing p-Type Semiconductor-Metal Hybrid Structures for Improved Photocatalysis ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(20):5107-5111 May 2014 Wang, LL; Ge, J; Wang, AL; Deng, MS; Wang, XJ; Bai, S; Li, R; Jiang, J; Zhang, Q; Luo, Y; Xiong, YJ
Concurrent Block Copolymer Polymersome Stabilization and Bilayer Permeabilization by Stimuli-Regulated "Traceless" Crosslinking ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(12):3138-3142 Mar 2014 Wang, XR; Liu, GH; Hu, JM; Zhang, GY; Liu, SY
Regioselective Electrosynthesis of Rare 1,2,3,16-Functionalized [60]Fullerene Derivatives ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(11):3006-3010 Mar 2014 Xiao, Y; Zhu, SE; Liu, DJ; Suzuki, M; Lu, X; Wang, GW
Ultrahigh Energy Density Realized by a Single-Layer beta-Co(OH)(2) All-Solid-State Asymmetric Supercapacitor ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(47):12789-12793 Nov 2014 Gao, S; Sun, YF; Lei, FC; Liang, L; Liu, JW; Bi, WT; Pan, BC; Xie, Y
Mixed Transition-Metal Oxides: Design, Synthesis, and Energy-Related Applications ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(6):1488-1504 Feb 2014 Yuan, CZ; Wu, HB; Xie, Y; Lou, XW
Surface Polarization Matters: Enhancing the Hydrogen-Evolution Reaction by Shrinking Pt Shells in Pt-Pd-Graphene Stack Structures ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(45):12120-12124 Nov 2014 Bai, S; Wang, CM; Deng, MS; Gong, M; Bai, Y; Jiang, J; Xiong, YJ
Chlorination of IPR C100 Fullerene Affords Unconventional C96Cl20 with a Nonclassical Cage Containing Three Heptagons** ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(9):2460-2463 2014 Yang, SF; Wang, S; Kemnitz, E; Troyanov, SI
Pumping through Porous Hydrophobic/Oleophilic Materials: An Alternative Technology for Oil Spill Remediation ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(14):3612-3616 Apr 2014 Ge, J; Ye, YD; Yao, HB; Zhu, X; Wang, X; Wu, L; Wang, JL; Ding, H; Yong, N; He, LH; Yu, SH
Macroscopic Free-Standing Hierarchical 3D Architectures Assembled from Silver Nanowires by Ice Templating ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(18):4561-4566 Apr 2014 Gao, HL; Xu, L; Long, F; Pan, Z; Du, YX; Lu, Y; Ge, J; Yu, SH
Carbon Nanofibers Decorated with Molybdenum Disulfide Nanosheets: Synergistic Lithium Storage and Enhanced Electrochemical Performance ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(43):11552-11556 Oct 2014 Zhou, F; Xin, S; Liang, HW; Song, LT; Yu, SH
Manipulating Nanowire Assembly for Flexible Transparent Electrodes ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(49):13477-13482 Dec 2014 Liu, JW; Wang, JL; Wang, ZH; Huang, WR; Yu, SH
Screw-Dislocation-Driven Bidirectional Spiral Growth of Bi2Se3 Nanoplates ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(25):6425-6429 Jun 2014 Zhuang, A; Li, JJ; Wang, YC; Wen, X; Lin, Y; Xiang, B; Wang, XP; Zeng, J
Tunable Oxygen Activation for Catalytic Organic Oxidation: Schottky Junction versus Plasmonic Effects ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 53(12):3205-3209 Mar 2014 Long, R; Mao, KK; Gong, M; Zhou, S; Hu, JH; Zhi, M; You, Y; Bai, S; Jiang, J; Zhang, Q; Wu, XJ; Xiong, YJ
Respiratory influenza virus infection induces intestinal immune injury via microbiota-mediated Th17 cell-dependent inflammation JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 211(12):2397-2410 Nov 2014 Wang, J; Li, FQ; Wei, HM; Lian, ZX; Sun, R; Tian, ZG
Deterministic and Robust Generation of Single Photons from a Single Quantum Dot with 99.5% Indistinguishability Using Adiabatic Rapid Passage NANO LETTERS 14(11):6515-6519 Nov 2014 Wei, YJ; He, YM; Chen, MC; Hu, YN; He, Y; Wu, D; Schneider, C; Kamp, M; Hofling, S; Lu, CY; Pan, JW
Highly Stable Skyrmion State in Helimagnetic MnSi Nanowires NANO LETTERS 14(4):2026-2032 Apr 2014 Du, HF; DeGrave, JP; Xue, F; Liang, D; Ning, W; Yang, JY; Tian, ML; Zhang, YH; Jin, S
One-Step Synthesis of Hybrid Nanocrystals with Rational Tuning of the Morphology NANO LETTERS 14(11):6666-6671 Nov 2014 Sang, W; Zheng, TT; Wang, YC; Li, X; Zhao, X; Zeng, J; Hou, JG
Orphan nuclear receptor TR3 acts in autophagic cell death via mitochondrial signaling pathway NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 10(2):133-140 Feb 2014 Wang, WJ; Wang, Y; Chen, HZ; Xing, YZ; Li, FW; Zhang, Q; Zhou, B; Zhang, HK; Zhang, J; Bian, XL; Li, L; Liu, Y; Zhao, BX; Chen, Y; Wu, R; Li, AZ; Yao, LM; Chen, P; Zhang, Y; Tian, XY; Beermann, F; Wu, M; Han, JH; Huang, PQ; Lin, TW; Wu, Q
DEAD-box helicase DP103 defines metastatic potential of human breast cancers JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 124(9):3807-3824 Sep 2014 Shin, EM; Hay, HS; Lee, MH; Goh, JN; Tan, TZ; Sen, YP; Lim, SW; Yousef, EM; Ong, HT; Thike, AA; Kong, XJ; Wu, ZS; Mendoz, E; Sun, W; Salto-Tellez, M; Lim, CT; Lobie, PE; Lim, YP; Yap, CT; Zeng, Q; Sethi, G; Lee, MB; Tan, P; Goh, BC; Miller, LD; Thiery, JP; Zhu, T; Gaboury, L; Tan, PH; Hui, KM; Yip, GWC; Miyamoto, S; Kumar, AP; Tergaonkar, V
Photoelectrodes Based upon Mo: BiVO4 Inverse Opals for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting ACS NANO 8(7):7088-7098 Jul 2014 Zhou, M; Bao, J; Xu, Y; Zhang, JJ; Xie, JF; Guan, ML; Wang, CL; Wen, LY; Lei, Y; Xie, Y
Multicolor and Erasable DNA Photolithography ACS NANO 8(7):6849-6855 Jul 2014 Huang, FJ; Xu, HG; Tan, WH; Liang, HJ
Core-Shell Heterojunction of Silicon Nanowire Arrays and Carbon Quantum Dots for Photovoltaic Devices and Self-Driven Photodetectors ACS NANO 8(4):4015-4022 Apr 2014 Xie, C; Nie, B; Zeng, LH; Liang, FX; Wang, MZ; Luo, LB; Feng, M; Yu, YQ; Wu, CY; Wu, YC; Yu, SH
Self-Catalyzed Carbon Dioxide Adsorption by Metal-Organic Chains on Gold Surfaces ACS NANO 8(8):8644-8652 Aug 2014 Feng, M; Sun, H; Zhao, J; Petek, H
Nanoparticle as Signaling Protein Mimic: Robust Structural and Functional Modulation of CaMKII upon Specific Binding to Fullerene C60 Nanocrystals ACS NANO 8(6):6131-6144 Jun 2014 Miao, YY; Xu, J; Shen, Y; Chen, L; Bian, YP; Hu, Y; Zhou, W; Zheng, F; Man, N; Shen, YY; Zhang, YJ; Wang, M; Wen, LP
Energy Level Realignment in Weakly Interacting Donor-Acceptor Binary Molecular Networks ACS NANO 8(2):1699-1707 Feb 2014 Zhong, JQ; Qin, XM; Zhang, JL; Kera, S; Ueno, N; Wee, ATS; Yang, JL; Chen, W
Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Supported CoSe2 Nanobelt Composite Catalyst for Efficient Water Oxidation ACS NANO 8(4):3970-3978 Apr 2014 Gao, MR; Cao, X; Gao, Q; Xu, YF; Zheng, YR; Jiang, J; Yu, SH
Molecular Electronic Level Alignment at Weakly Coupled Organic Film/Metal Interfaces ACS NANO 10(11):2006-20 Nov 2014 Zhao, J; Feng, M; Dougherty, DB; Sun, H; Petek, H
Inhibition of autophagy enhances the anticancer activity of silver nanoparticles. Autophagy
135(13):5212-5219 Apr 2013 Lin, Jun; Huang, Zhihai; Wu, Hao; Zhou, Wei; Jin, Peipei; Wei, Pengfei; Zhang, Yunjiao; Zheng, Fang; Zhang, Jiqian; Xu, Jing; Hu, Yi; Wang, Yanhong; Li, Yajuan; Gu, Ning; Wen, Longping 
T-Cell Ig and ITIM Domain Regulates Natural Killer Cell Activation in Murine Acute Viral Hepatitis HEPATOLOGY
59(5):1715-1725 May 2014 Bi, JC; Zhang, Q; Liang, D; Xiong, L; Wei, HM; Sun, R; Tian, ZG
Kupffer Cell-Derived IL-10 Plays a Key Role in Maintaining Humoral Immune Tolerance in Hepatitis B Virus-Persistent Mice HEPATOLOGY 59(2):443-452 Feb 2014 Xu, L; Yin, WW; Sun, R; Wei, HM; Tian, ZG
TIGIT Safeguards Liver Regeneration Through Regulating Natural Killer Cell-Hepatocyte Crosstalk HEPATOLOGY 60(4):1389-1398 Oct 2014 Bi, JC; Zheng, XD; Chen, YY; Wei, HM; Sun, R; Tian, ZG
Nanoparticles Encapsulating Hepatitis B Virus Cytosine-Phosphate-Guanosine Induce Therapeutic Immunity against HBV Infection HEPATOLOGY 59(2):385-394 Feb 2014 Lv, SJ; Wang, J; Dou, S; Yang, XZ; Ni, X; Sun, R; Tian, ZG; Wei, HM
Nitrogen-doped nanoporous carbon nanosheets derived from plant biomass: an efficient catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 7(12):4095-4103 2014 Chen, P; Wang, LK; Wang, G; Gao, MR; Ge, J; Yuan, WJ; Shen, YH; Xie, AJ; Yu, SH
Energetic I-III-VI2 and I-2-II-IV-VI4 nanocrystals: synthesis, photovoltaic and thermoelectric applications ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 7(1):190-208 Jan 2014 Fan, FJ; Wu, L; Yu, SH
Polymer based photocathodes for panchromatic tandem dye-sensitized solar cells ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 7(8):2647-2651 Aug 2014 Shao, ZP; Pan, X; Chen, HW; Tao, L; Wang, WJ; Ding, Y; Pan, B; Yang, SF; Dai, SY
Controllably Interfacing with Metal: A Strategy for Enhancing CO Oxidation on Oxide Catalysts by Surface Polarization JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(42):14650-14653 Oct 2014 Bai, Y; Zhang, WH; Zhang, ZH; Zhou, J; Wang, XJ; Wang, CM; Huang, WX; Jiang, J; Xiong, YJ
Obtaining Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in Free Space without Resorting to Electron Doping: An Electride Based Design JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(8):13313-13318 Sep 2014 Zhao, ST; Li, ZY; Yang, JL
Highly Selective Fluorogenic Multianalyte Biosensors Constructed via Enzyme-Catalyzed Coupling and Aggregation-Induced Emission JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(28):9890-9893 Jul 2014 Wang, XR; Hu, JM; Zhang, GY; Liu, SY
Self-Immolative Polymersonnes for High-Efficiency Triggered Release and Programmed Enzymatic Reactions JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(20):7492-7497 May 2014 Liu, GH; Wang, XR; Hu, JM; Zhang, GY; Liu, SY
Oxygen Vacancies Confined in Ultrathin Indium Oxide Porous Sheets for Promoted Visible-Light Water Splitting JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(19):6826-6829 May 2014 Lei, FC; Sun, YF; Liu, KT; Gao, S; Liang, L; Pan, BC; Xie, Y
Low Overpotential in Vacancy-Rich Ultrathin CoSe2 Nanosheets for Water Oxidation JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(44):15670-15675 Nov 2014 Liu, YW; Cheng, H; Lyu, MJ; Fan, SJ; Liu, QH; Zhang, WS; Zhi, YD; Wang, CM; Xiao, C; Wei, SQ; Ye, BJ; Xie, Y
Noble-Metal-Free Fe-N/C Catalyst for Highly Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction under Both Alkaline and Acidic Conditions JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(31):11027-11033 Aug 2014 Lin, L; Zhu, Q; Xu, AW
Half-Metallicity in MnPSe3 Exfoliated Nanosheet with Carrier Doping JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(31):11065-11069 Aug 2014 Li, XX; Wu, XJ; Yang, JL
Room-Temperature Half-Metallicity in La(Mn,Zn)AsO Alloy via Element Substitutions JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(15):5664-5669 Apr 2014 Li, XX; Wu, XJ; Yang, JL
Accurate Determination of Interfacial Protein Secondary Structure by Combining Interfacial-Sensitive Amide I and Amide III Spectral Signals JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(4):1206-1209 Jan 2014 Ye, SJ; Li, HC; Yang, WL; Luo, Y
Nanowire-Directed Templating Synthesis of Metal-Organic Framework Nanofibers and Their Derived Porous Doped Carbon Nanofibers for Enhanced Electrocatalysis JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 136(41):14385-14388 Oct 2014 Zhang, W; Wu, ZY; Jiang, HL; Yu, SH
Redefining the modular organization of the core Mediator complex CELL RESEARCH 24(7):796-808 Jul 2014 Wang, XJ; Sun, QQ; Ding, ZR; Ji, JH; Wang, JY; Kong, X; Yang, JH; Cai, G
Crystal structure of human BS69 Bromo-ZnF-PWWP reveals its role in H3K36me3 nucleosome binding CELL RESEARCH 24(7):890-893 Jul 2014 Wang, JC; Qin, S; Li, FD; Li, S; Zhang, W; Peng, JH; Zhang, ZY; Gong, QG; Wu, JH; Shi, YY
Structure of the YTH domain of human YTHDF2 in complex with an m(6)A mononucleotide reveals an aromatic cage for m(6)A recognition CELL RESEARCH
24(12):1490-1492 Dec 2014 Li, FD; Zhao, DB; Wu, JH; Shi, YY
All-Surface-Atomic-Metal Chalcogenide Sheets for High-Efficiency Visible-Light Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS 4(1):1300611 Jan 2014 Sun, YF; Sun, ZH; Gao, S; Cheng, H; Liu, QH; Lei, FC; Wei, SQ; Xie, Y
Generation of three-dimensional retinal tissue with functional photoreceptors from human iPSCs NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:4047 Jun 2014 Zhong, XF; Gutierrez, C; Xue, T; Hampton, C; Vergara, MN; Cao, LH; Peters, A; Park, TS; Zambidis, ET; Meyer, JS; Gamm, DM; Yau, KW; Canto-Soler, MV
Protein design with a comprehensive statistical energy function and boosted by experimental selection for foldability NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:5330 Oct 2014 Xiong, P; Wang, M; Zhou, XQ; Zhang, TC; Zhang, JH; Chen, Q; Liu, HY
High lithium anodic performance of highly nitrogen-doped porous carbon prepared from a metal-organic framework NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:5261 Nov 2014 Zheng, FC; Yang, Y; Chen, QW
Bacteria slingshot more on soft surfaces NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:5541 Nov 2014 Zhang, RR; Ni, L; Jin, ZY; Li, JH; Jin, F
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy with single spin sensitivity NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:4703 Aug 2014 Muller, C; Kong, X; Cai, JM; Melentijevic, K; Stacey, A; Markham, M; Twitchen, D; Isoya, J; Pezzagna, S; Meijer, J; Du, JF; Plenio, MB; Naydenov, B; McGuinness, LP; Jelezko, F
Aligned Fe2TiO5-containing nanotube arrays with low onset potential for visible-light water oxidation NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:5122 Oct 2014 Liu, QH; He, JF; Yao, T; Sun, ZH; Cheng, WR; He, S; Xie, Y; Peng, YH; Cheng, H; Sun, YF; Jiang, Y; Hu, FC; Xie, Z; Yan, WS; Pan, ZY; Wu, ZY; Wei, SQ
Magnetocaloric effects in a freestanding and flexible graphene-based superlattice synthesized with a spatially confined reaction NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:3960 Jun 2014 Zhu, H; Xiao, C; Cheng, H; Grote, F; Zhang, XD; Yao, T; Li, Z; Wang, CM; Wei, SQ; Lei, Y; Xie, Y
Dynamic protein conformations preferentially drive energy transfer along the active chain of the photosystem II reaction centre NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:4170 Jun 2014 Zhang, L; Silva, DA; Zhang, HD; Yue, A; Yan, YJ; Huang, XH
Facile synthesis of pentacle gold-copper alloy nanocrystals and their plasmonic and catalytic properties NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:4327 Jul 2014 He, R; Wang, YC; Wang, XY; Wang, ZT; Liu, G; Zhou, W; Wen, LP; Li, QX; Wang, XP; Chen, XY; Zeng, J; Hou, JG
Correlating interfacial octahedral rotations with magnetism in (LaMnO3+delta)(N)/(SrTiO3)(N) superlattices NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5 Jul 2014 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms5283 Zhai, XF; Cheng, L; Liu, Y; Schlepuetz, CM; Dong, S; Li, H; Zhang, XQ; Chu, SQ; Zheng, LR; Zhang, J; Zhao, AD; Hong, H; Bhattacharya, A; Eckstein, JN; Zeng, CG
Coherent properties of single rare-earth spin qubits NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5:3895 May 2014 Siyushev, P; Xia, K; Reuter, R; Jamali, M; Zhao, N; Yang, N; Duan, C; Kukharchyk, N; Wieck, AD; Kolesov, R; Wrachtrup,
Unusual Formation of ZnCo2O4 3D Hierarchical Twin Microspheres as a High-Rate and Ultralong-Life Lithium-Ion Battery Anode Material ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 24(20):3012-3020 May 2014 Bai, J; Li, XG; Liu, GZ; Qian, YT; Xiong, SL
Three-Dimensional Heteroatom-Doped Carbon Nanofiber Networks Derived from Bacterial Cellulose for Supercapacitors ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 24(32):5104-5111 Aug 2014 Chen, LF; Huang, ZH; Liang, HW; Gao, HL; Yu, SH
Self- Assembled Platinum Nanochain Networks Driven by Induced Magnetic Dipoles ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 24(7):916-924 Feb 2014 Gao, MR; Zhang, SR; Xu, YF; Zheng, YR; Jiang, J; Yu, SH
High-Performance Flexible Broadband Photodetector Based on Organolead Halide Perovskite ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 24(46):7373-7380 Dec 2014 Hu, X; Zhang, XD; Liang, L; Bao, J; Li, S; Yang, WL; Xie, Y
Ultrahigh Infrared Photoresponse from Core-Shell Single-Domain-VO2/V2O5 Heterostructure in Nanobeam ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 24(13):1821-1830 Apr 2014 Li, ZJ; Hu, ZP; Peng, J; Wu, CZ; Yang, YC; Feng, F; Gao, P; Yang, JL; Xie, Y
Simultaneous Realization of Phase/Size Manipulation, Upconversion Luminescence Enhancement, and Blood Vessel Imaging in Multifunctional Nanoprobes Through Transition Metal Mn2+ Doping ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 24(26):4051-4059 Jul 2014 Zeng, SJ; Yi, ZG; Lu, W; Qian, C; Wang, HB; Rao, L; Zeng, TM; Liu, HR; Liu, HJ; Fei, B; Hao, JH
Switching dynamics of the bacterial flagellar motor near zero load PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 111(44):15752-15755 Nov 2014 Wang, FB; Yuan, JH; Berg, HC
Unusual role of epilayer-substrate interactions in determining orientational relations in van der Waals epitaxy PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 111(47):16670-16675 Nov 2014 Liu, L; Siegel, DA; Chen, W; Liu, PZ; Guo, JJ; Duscher, G; Zhaog, C; Wang, H; Wang, WL; Bai, XD; McCarty, KF; Zhang, ZY; Gu, G
Tumor extracellular acidity-activated nanoparticles as drug delivery systems for enhanced cancer therapy BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES 32(4):789-803 Aug 2014 Du, JZ; Mao, CQ; Yuan, YY; Yang, XZ; Wang, J
A Systems Biology Approach Identifies Effective Tumor-Stroma Common Targets for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma CANCER RESEARCH
74(8):2306-2315 Apr 2014 Meng, WX; Wu, Y; He, X; Liu, CX; Gao, QH; Ge, L; Wu, LY; Liu, Y; Guo, YQ; Li, XY; Liu, YR; Chen, SX; Kong, XL; Liang, Z; Zhou, HM
Solid-state structural transformation doubly triggered by reaction temperature and time in 3D metal-organic frameworks: great enhancement of stability and gas adsorption CHEMICAL SCIENCE 5(4):1368-1374 2014 Shen, P; He, WW; Du, DY; Jiang, HL; Li, SL; Lang, ZL; Su, ZM; Fu, Q; Lan, YQ
Ultrathin nanosheets of feroxyhyte: a new two-dimensional material with robust ferromagnetic behavior
5(6):2251-2255 2014 Chen, PZ; Xu, K; Li, XL; Guo, YQ; Zhou, D; Zhao, JY; Wu, XJ; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Atomically-thin non-layered cobalt oxide porous sheets for highly efficient oxygen-evolving electrocatalysts CHEMICAL SCIENCE
5(10):3976-3982 2014 Sun, YF; Gao, S; Lei, FC; Liu, JW; Liang, L; Xie, Y
Atomically-thin molybdenum nitride nanosheets with exposed active surface sites for efficient hydrogen evolution CHEMICAL SCIENCE
5(12):4615-4620 2014 Xie, JF; Li, S; Zhang, XD; Zhang, JJ; Wang, RX; Zhang, H; Pan, BC; Xie, Y
Grain boundary engineering in atomically-thin nanosheets achieving bright white light emission CHEMICAL SCIENCE
5(4):1328-1335 2014 Xie, JF; Li, S; Wang, RX; Zhang, H; Xie, Y
Ferroelectric hexagonal and rhombic monolayer ice phases CHEMICAL SCIENCE
5(5):1757-1764 2014 Zhao, WH; Bai, J; Yuan, LF; Yang, JL; Zeng, XC
Crystal structure of tRNA m(1)G9 methyltransferase Trm10: insight into the catalytic mechanism and recognition of tRNA substrate NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 42(1):509-525 Jan 2014 Shao, ZH; Yan, W; Peng, JH; Zuo, XB; Zou, Y; Li, FD; Gong, DS; Ma, RS; Wu, JH; Shi, YY; Zhang, ZY; Teng, MK; Li, X; Gong, QG
Error removal in microchip-synthesized DNA using immobilized MutS NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 42(12):e102 2014 Wan, W; Li, LL; Xu, QQ; Wang, ZF; Yao, Y; Wang, RL; Zhang, J; Liu, HY; Gao, XL; Hong, J
Crystal structure of DnaT(84-153)-dT10 ssDNA complex reveals a novel single-stranded DNA binding mode NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 42(14):9470-9483 2014 Liu, Z; Chen, P; Wang, XJ; Cai, G; Niu, LW; Teng, MK; Li, X
Oxidative Etching and Its Role in Manipulating the Nucleation and Growth of Noble-Metal Nanocrystals CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 26(1):22-33 Jan 2014 Zheng, YQ; Zeng, J; Ruditskiy, A; Liu, MC; Xia, YN
Phase-Selective Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystals through Cation Exchange for Photovoltaic Devices CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 26(19):5492-5498 Oct 2014 Wang, YX; Wei, M; Fan, FJ; Zhuang, TT; Wu, L; Yu, SH; Zhu, CF
Distinct from its canonical effects, deletion of IL-12p40 induces cholangitis and fibrosis in interleukin-2R alpha(-/-) mice JOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY 51:99-108 Jun 2014 Yao, Y; Yang, W; Yang, YQ; Ma, HD; Lu, FT; Li, L; Tao, YY; Tsuneyama, K; Zhang, WC; Friedman, S; Gershwin, ME; Lian, ZX
Structure of CfaA Suggests a New Family of Chaperones Essential for Assembly of Class 5 Fimbriae PLOS PATHOGENS 10(8):e1004316 Aug 2014 Bao, R; Fordyce, A; Chen, YX; McVeigh, A; Savarino, SJ; Xia, D
Structural Insights into SraP-Mediated Staphylococcus aureus Adhesion to Host Cells PLOS PATHOGENS 10(6):e1004169 Jun 2014 Yang, YH; Jiang, YL; Zhang, J; Wang, L; Bai, XH; Zhang, SJ; Ren, YM; Li, N; Zhang, YH; Zhang, ZY; Gong, QG; Mei, YD; Xue, T; Zhang, JR; Chen, YX; Zhou, CZ
Doping Dependence of the Anisotropic Quasiparticle Interference in NaFe1-xCoxAs Iron-Based Superconductors PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(12):127001 Mar 2014 Cai, P; Ruan, W; Zhou, XD; Ye, C; Wang, AF; Chen, XH; Lee, DH; Wang, YY
Test of Genuine Multipartite Nonlocality without Inequalities PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(14):140404 Apr 2014 Chen, Q; Yu, SX; Zhang, CJ; Lai, CH; Oh, CH
Proposed Photosynthesis Method for Producing Hydrogen from Dissociated Water Molecules Using Incident Near-Infrared Light PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS  112(1):18301 Jan 2014 Li, XX; Li, ZY; Yang, JL
Experimental Realization of a Compressed Quantum Simulation of a 32-Spin Ising Chain PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(22):220501 Jun 2014 Li, ZK; Zhou, H; Ju, CY; Chen, HW; Zheng, WQ; Lu, DW; Rong, X; Duan, CK; Peng, XH; Du, JF
Finite Size Analysis of Zero-Temperature Jamming Transition under Applied Shear Stress by Minimizing a Thermodynamic-Like Potential PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(14):145502 Apr 2014 Liu, H; Xie, XY; Xu, N
Experimental Unconditionally Secure Bit Commitment PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(1):10504 Jan 2014 Liu, Y; Cao, Y; Curty, M; Liao, SK; Wang, J; Cui, K; Li, YH; Lin, ZH; Sun, QC; Li, DD; Zhang, HF; Zhao, Y; Chen, TY; Peng, CZ; Zhang, Q; Cabello, A; Pan, JW
Evidence of van Hove Singularities in Ordered Grain Boundaries of Graphene PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(22):226802 Jun 2014 Ma, CX; Sun, HF; Zhao, YL; Li, B; Li, QX; Zhao, AD; Wang, XP; Luo, Y; Yang, JL; Wang, B; Hou, JG
Valley-Polarized Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Silicene PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(10):106802 Mar 2014 Pan, H; Li, ZS; Liu, CC; Zhu, GB; Qiao, ZH; Yao, YG
Experimental Implementation of Adiabatic Passage between Different Topological Orders PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 113(8):080404 Aug 2014 Peng, XH; Luo, ZH; Zheng, WQ; Kou, SP; Suter, D; Du, JF
Observation of Efimov Resonances in a Mixture with Extreme Mass Imbalance PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(25):250404 Jun 2014 Pires, R; Ulmanis, J; Hafner, S; Repp, M; Arias, A; Kuhnle, ED; Weidemuller, M
Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Graphene Proximity Coupled to an Antiferromagnetic Insulator PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS  112(11):116404 Mar 2014 Qiao, ZH; Ren, W; Chen, H; Bellaiche, L; Zhang, ZY; MacDonald, AH; Niu, Q
Current Partition at Topological Channel Intersections PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(20):206601 May 2014 Qiao, ZH; Jung, J; Lin, CW; Ren, YF; MacDonald, AH; Niu, Q
Implementation of Dynamically Corrected Gates on a Single Electron Spin in Diamond PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(5):50503 Feb 2014 Rong, X; Geng, JP; Wang, ZX; Zhang, Q; Ju, CY; Shi, FZ; Duan, CK; Du, JF
Emergence of a Coherent In-Gap State in the Sm B-6 Kondo Insulator Revealed by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(13):136401 Mar 2014 Ruan, W; Ye, C; Guo, MH; Chen, F; Chen, XH; Zhang, GM; Wang, YY
Probing the Glass Transition from Structural and Vibrational Properties of Zero-Temperature Glasses PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(5):55701 Feb 2014 Wang, LJ; Xu, N
Temperature-Dependent Mollow Triplet Spectra from a Single Quantum Dot: Rabi Frequency Renormalization and Sideband Linewidth Insensitivity PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 113(9):097401 Aug 2014 Wei, YJ; He, Y; He, YM; Lu, CY; Pan, JW; Schneider, C; Kamp, M; Hofling, S; McCutcheon, DPS; Nazir, A
Large Negative Magnetoresistance Induced by Anionic Solid Solutions in Two-Dimensional Spin-Frustrated Transition Metal Chalcogenides PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 113(15):157202 Oct 2014 Guo, YQ; Dai, J; Zhao, JY; Wu, CZ; Li, DQ; Zhang, LD; Ning, W; Tian, ML; Zeng, XC; Xie, Y
Implementation of a Measurement-Device-Independent Entanglement Witness PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS  112(14):140506 Apr 2014 Xu, P; Yuan, X; Chen, LK; Lu, H; Yao, XC; Ma, X; Chen, YA; Pan, JW
Stabilization and Manipulation of Electronically Phase-Separated Ground States in Defective Indium Atom Wires on Silicon PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 113(19):196802 Nov 2014 Zhang, H; Ming, FF; Kim, HJ; Zhu, HB; Zhang, Q; Weitering, HH; Xiao, XD; Zeng, CG; Cho, JH; Zhang, ZY
Observation of the Interference Effect in Vibrationally Resolved Electron Momentum Spectroscopy of H-2 PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS  112(2):23204 Jan 2014 Zhang, Z; Shan, X; Wang, T; Wang, EL; Chen, XJ
Entangling Different-Color Photons via Time-Resolved Measurement and Active Feed Forward PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(10):103602 Mar 2014 Zhao, TM; Zhang, H; Yang, J; Sang, ZR; Jiang, X; Bao, XH; Pan, JW
Observation of Time-Domain Rabi Oscillations in the Landau-Zener Regime with a Single Electronic Spin PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTER  112(1):10503 Jan 2014 Zhou, JW; Huang, P; Zhang, Q; Wang, ZX; Tan, T; Xu, XK; Shi, FZ; Rong, X; Ashhab, S; Du, JF
Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution over 200 km PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS  113:190501 2014 Y. –L. Tang, H. –L. Yin, S. –J. Chen, Y. Liu, W. –J. Zhang, *X. Jiang, L. Zhang, J. Wang, L. –X. You, J. –Y. Guan, D. –X. Yang, Z. Wang, H. Liang, Z. Zhang, N. Zhou, X. Ma, T. –Y. Chen,*Q. Zhang, and J. –W. Pan
Persistent Ferromagnetism and Topological Phase Transition at the Interface of a Superconductor and a Topological Insulator PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS  113(26):266806 Dec 2014  
Universal Conductivity in a Two-Dimensional Superfluid-to-Insulator Quantum Critical System PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112:030402 Jan 2014  
Photothermal Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)/Fe3O4 Nanocomposite Hydrogel as a Movable Position Heating Source under Remote Control SMALL 10(14):2796-2800 Jul 2014 Zhu, CH; Lu, Y; Chen, JF; Yu, SH
Highly Elastic and Superstretchable Graphene Oxide/Polyacrylamide Hydrogels SMALL 10(3):448-453 Feb 2014 Cong, HP; Wang, P; Yu, SH
Mechanisms of Graphene Growth on Metal Surfaces: Theoretical Perspectives SMALL 10(11):2136-2150 Jun 2014 Wu, P; Zhang, WH; Li, ZY; Yang, JL
Multifunctional Co0.85Se-Fe3O4 Nanocomposites: Controlled Synthesis and Their Enhanced Performances for Efficient Hydrogenation of p-Nitrophenol and Adsorbents SMALL 10(4):717-724 Feb 2014 Song, JM; Zhang, SS; Yu, SH
Solvothermal Synthesis of Ternary Cu2MoS4 Nanosheets: Structural Characterization at the Atomic Level SMALL 10(22):4637-4644 Nov 2014 Chen, WX; Chen, HP; Zhu, HT; Gao, QQ; Luo, J; Wang, Y; Zhang, S; Zhang, K; Wang, CM; Xiong, YJ; Wu, YF; Zheng, XS; Chu, WS; Song, L; Wu, ZY
Spatial Location Engineering of Oxygen Vacancies for Optimized Photocatalytic H-2 Evolution Activity SMALL 10(14):2820-2825 Jul 2014 Bi, WT; Ye, CM; Xiao, C; Tong, W; Zhang, XD; Shao, W; Xie, Y
Entropically Driven Formation of Ultralong Helical Mesostructured Organosilica Nanofi bers SMALL  10(5):888-894 Mar 2014 Zhong, SL; Zhang, LF; Xu, AW
Controlled Synthesis of Kinked Ultrathin ZnS Nanorods/Nanowires Triggered by Chloride Ions: A Case Study SMALL 10(7):1394-1402 Apr 2014 Zhuang, TT; Yu, P; Fan, FJ; Wu, L; Liu, XJ; Yu, SH
Selective Detection of Ferric Ions by Blue-Green Photoluminescent Nitrogen-Doped Phenol Formaldehyde Resin Polymer SMALL 10(18):3662-3666 Sep 2014 Zhang, J; Yuan, Y; Yu, ZL; Yu, AM; Yu, SH
Experimental passive decoy-state quantum key distribution LASER PHYSICS LETTERS
11(8):085202 Aug 2014 Sun, QC; Wang, WL; Liu, Y; Zhou, F; Pelc, JS; Fejer, MM; Peng, CZ; Chen, XF; Ma, XF; Zhang, Q; Pan, JW
Triple negative breast cancer therapy with CDK1 siRNA delivered by cationic lipid assisted PEG-PLA nanoparticles JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE 192:114-121 Oct 2014 Liu, Y; Zhu, YH; Mao, CQ; Dou, S; Shen, S; Tan, ZB; Wang, J
SPECT and Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging of Breast Cancer with a Neuropilin-1-Targeting Peptide  JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE 192:236-242 Oct 2014 Feng, GK; Liu, RB; Zhang, MQ; Ye, XX; Zhong, Q; Xia, YF; Li, MZ; Wang, J; Song, EW; Zhang, X; Wu, ZZ; Zeng, MS
Multifunctional mesoporous nanoparticles as pH-responsive Fe2+ reservoirs and artemisinin vehicles for synergistic inhibition of tumor growth  BIOMATERIALS 35(24):6498-6507 Aug 2014 Chen, J; Guo, Z; Wang, HB; Zhou, JJ; Zhang, WJ; Chen, QW
Polyion complex micellar nanoparticles for integrated fluorometric detection and bacteria inhibition in aqueous media BIOMATERIALS 35(5):1618-1626 Feb 2014 Li, YM; Hu, XL; Tian, SD; Li, Y; Zhang, GQ; Zhang, GY; Liu, SY
Cancer stem cell therapy using doxorubicin conjugated to gold nanoparticles via hydrazone bonds  BIOMATERIALS 35(2):836-845 Jan 2014 Sun, TM; Wang, YC; Wang, F; Du, JZ; Mao, CQ; Sun, CY; Tang, RZ; Liu, Y; Zhu, J; Zhu, YH; Yang, XZ; Wang, J
Matrix metalloproteinase 2-responsive micelle for siRNA delivery BIOMATERIALS 35(26):7622-7634 Aug 2014 Wang, HX; Yang, XZ; Sun, CY; Mao, CQ; Zhu, YH; Wang, J
Accelerating the clearance of mutant huntingtin protein aggregates through autophagy induction by europium hydroxide nanorods BIOMATERIALS 35(3):899-907 Jan 2014 Wei, PF; Zhang, L; Nethi, SK; Barui, AK; Lin, J; Zhou, W; Shen, Y; Man, N; Zhang, YJ; Xu, J; Patra, CR; Wen, LP
Alkylamine-Tethered Stable Metal-Organic Framework for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas CHEMSUSCHEM 7(3):734-737 Mar 2014 Hu, YL; Verdegaal, WM; Yu, SH; Jiang, HL
Comparative Study of Aerogels Obtained from Differently Prepared Nanocellulose Fibers CHEMSUSCHEM 7(1):154-161 Jan 2014 Chen, WS; Li, Q; Wang, YC; Yi, X; Zeng, J; Yu, HP; Liu, YX; Li, J
Ferric chloride-Graphite Intercalation Compounds as Anode Materials for Li-ion Batteries CHEMSUSCHEM 7(1):87-91 Jan 2014 Wang, LL; Zhu, YC; Guo, C; Zhu, XB; Liang, JW; Qian, YT
Role of tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced protein 1 in paclitaxel resistance ONCOGENE 33(25):3246-3255 Jun 2014 Zhu, Y; Yao, Z; Wu, Z; Mei, Y; Wu, M
Snail and Slug mediate tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells through activation of EGFR-ERK independent of epithelial-mesenchymal transition JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 6(4):352-354 Aug 2014 Jiang, Y; Zhao, XT; Xiao, Q; Liu, QB; Ding, KS; Yu, F; Zhang, R; Zhu, T; Ge, GX
Aurora A orchestrates entosis by regulating a dynamic MCAK-TIP150 interaction JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 6(3):240-254 Jun 2014 Xia, P; Zhou, JH; Song, XY; Wu, B; Liu, X; Li, D; Zhang, SY; Wang, ZK; Yu, HJ; Ward, T; Zhang, JC; Li, YM; Wang, XN; Chen, Y; Guo, Z; Yao, XB
Synthetic Lethal Therapy for KRAS Mutant Non-small-cell Lung Carcinoma with Nanoparticle-mediated CDK4 siRNA Delivery MOLECULAR THERAPY 22(5):964-973 May 2014 Mao, CQ; Xiong, MH; Liu, Y; Shen, S; Du, XJ; Yang, XZ; Dou, S; Zhang, PZ; Wang, J

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