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Prof. ZHAI Tianyou from Huazhong University of Science and Technology visited HFNL 2018-01-19
Dr. MING Fangfei from The University of Tennessee visited HFNL 2018-01-19
Prof. Yang Shao-Horn from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA visited HFNL 2018-01-17
Prof. Dr. M. E. Portnoi from University of Exeter, UK visited HFNL 2018-01-15
Dr. WANG Qian from Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, Rice University, USA visited HFNL 2018-01-12
Researcher Dr. LI Jian from Westlake Institute for Advanced Study visited HFNL 2018-01-10
Prof. Qian Niu from University of Texas at Austin, USA & Peking University visited HFNL 2018-01-10
Prof. WANG Linwang from Materials Sciences Division, LBNL visited HFNL 2018-01-04
Researcher Dr. TIAN Mingliang from High Magnetic Field Laboratory, CAS visited HFNL 2017-12-21
Prof. ZHAO Jianwei from Jiaxing University visited HFNL 2017-12-21
Dr. LAI Shuhua from Information Technology at the Georgia Gwinnett College visited HFNL 2017-12-20
Dr. LIU Nian from Georgia Institute of Technology visited HFNL 2017-12-18
Prof. ZHANG Xiaodan from Nankai University visited HFNL 2017-12-15
Prof. Shaul Mukamel from University of California, Irvine visited HFNL 2017-12-07
Prof. ZHANG Wenjun from City University of Hong Kong visited HFNL 2017-12-07
Prof. WANG Shuao from Soochow University visited HFNL 2017-11-28
Researcher Dr. YUAN Mingjian from Nankai University visited HFNL 2017-11-27
Prof. Edward Yu from Iowa State University,USA visited HFNL 2017-11-24
Prof. LIU Wei from Nanjing University of Science and Technology visited HFNL 2017-11-23
Prof. Efthimios Kaxiras from Department of Physics and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, USA visited HFNL 2017-11-20

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