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Prof. XU Gang from Huazhong University of Science and Technology visited HFNL 2018-05-18
Prof. ZHAO Jiang from Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences visited HFNL 2018-05-08
Dr. ZHANG Hao from Massachusetts Institute of Technology,UAS visited HFNL 2018-05-07
Researcher Dr. LUO Junwei from Institute of Semiconductors,CAS visited HFNL 2018-05-07
Dr. XUE Jiamin from ShanghaiTech University visited HFNL 2018-05-04
Prof. ZHANG Guangzhao from South China University of Technology visited HFNL 2018-04-27
Prof. Mikhail Katsnelson from Radboud University, Netherlands visited HFNL 2018-04-24
Prof. Jörn Manz from Theoretical Chemistry at Freie Universität Berlin, German visited HFNL 2018-04-18
Prof. DING Feng from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Ulsan, Republic of Korea visited HFNL 2018-04-16
Prof. HOU Dazhi from WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan visited HFNL 2018-04-12
Dr. LIU Yang from The State University of New York, USA visited HFNL 2018-04-11
Prof. WANG Dawei from Zhejiang University visited HFNL 2018-03-30
Prof. DU Ruirui from International Center for Quantum Materials, Peking University visited HFNL 2018-03-30
Prof. YOU Li from Tsinghua University visited HFNL 2018-03-26
Prof. CHEN Xiaoming from Sun Yat-sen University visited HFNL 2018-03-22
Dr. Rose Zhu from Associate scientific editor for Joule visited HFNL 2018-03-19
Prof. Takashi Uchihashi from National Institute for Materials Science, Japan visited HFNL 2018-03-14
Prof. Nicola Pinna from Department of Chemistry The Humboldt University in Berlin visited HFNL 2018-03-14
Prof. YUAN Jiayin from Stockholm University visited HFNL 2018-03-07
Prof. Nicola Pinna from Department of Chemistry The Humboldt University in Berlin visited HFNL 2018-02-27

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