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Quantum Dot Arrays: A Route to Scalable Quantum Optical Circuits?

Speaker: Prof. Anupam Madhukar
Nanostrucutre Materials and Devices Laboratory. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
Time: 2017-12-06 10:00
Place: ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building


  On-chip integrated and scalable quantum optical circuits, if realized, offer a breakthrough in the science and technology of quantum information processing. So far epitaxical semiconductor quantum dots, predominantly of the lattice mismatch strain-driven 3D coherent island genre, have provided a relatively easily accessed platform for exploration of many aspects of needed single photon generation, and their coupling to light manipulating elements (LMEs) such as resonant cavity and / or waveguide. However the as-grown 3D island quantum dots are at random spatial locations and suffer from size, shape, and composition inhomogeneity and have thus prevented steps towards realizing optical circuits. In this talk I will discuss a promising approach to synthesizing single quantum dots (SQDs) at spatially regular locations with control on spectral uniformity potentially to a level where local tuning may enable the needed spectral matching for emitted photon interference and entanglement. The approach, dubbed substrate-encoded size-reducing epitaxy (SESRE), involves spatially-selective growth of single quantum dots on the top of nanoscale mesas in a regular array. The SESRE based SQDs are demonstrated to be highly efficient single photon emitters. Additionally, for the needed on-chip LMEs, I will present an implementation approach based upon the collective Mie resonances of sub-wavelength size interacting dielectric building blocks (DBBs) organized around the SQDs in geometries co-designed to provide the needed multiple functions of cavity induced emission rate enhancement, directivity of the emitted photons, lossless propagation, and beam splitting utilizing a single mode of the DBB structure we call a light manipulating unit (LMU).

  Anupam Madhukar is the Kenneth T. Norris Professor of Engineering at the University of Southern California. He heads the Nanostructure Materials & Devices Lab and carries out multi-disciplinary research with a focus on the synthesis and study of quantum nanostructures aimed at electronic, optoelectronic, & photonic systems for information sensing (including biochemical & biological), processing, and communication down to single photon level in quantum optical circuits.

Organizer: Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale

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