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Mechanoresponsive Materials and Devices

Speaker: Prof. CHEN Xiaodong
Nanyang Technological University
Time: 2017-09-19  15:30
Place: ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building


  Mechanochemical transduction processes, that is, cascades of events that translate macroscopic forces into chemical reactions, are common in all living organisms. These, in turn, elicit electrical signals, open ion channels, promote cell growth, and enable many other vital functions. It inspired the scientists to develop design principles for new materials that translate mechanical stress into pre-defined molecular events and functions, as well as materials in which mechanical responses can be triggered chemically. Alternatively, in this presentation, I will our latest progress on how mechanoresponsive materials and devices can be used for probing nano-bio interface and fabricating stretchable sensors.

  Dr. Xiaodong Chen is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor of Physics and Applied Physics (by courtesy) at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). He is the Associate Chair (Faculty) in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and founding Director of Innovative Centre for Flexible Devices (iFLEX) at NTU. His research interests include interactive materials and devices, integrated nano-bio interface and programmable materials for energy conversion. So far, He has published over 200 scientific articles, including in Nature Nanotech, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, JACS, Angew Chem, and Adv Mater, and has given more than 120 invited talks/seminars. Currently, he is the Associate Editor of Nanoscale and Scientific Editor of Nanoscale Horizons. In addition, he is the member of editorial advisory board of Advanced Materials, Small Methods, Advanced Materials Technology, Scientific Reports, and Journal of Laboratory Automation. He was conferred as the Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry in 2016. He was awarded more than ten prestigious awards and fellowships including the precious Singapore NRF Investigatorship, Small Young Innovator Award, Singapore NRF Fellowship, Nanyang Research Award, and Lubrizol Young Materials Science Investigator Award.

Organizer: Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale

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