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Time Title Speaker
09-28 10:00 Advanced Electron Microscopy for Thermoelectric Materials Prof. HE Jiaqing
09-27 10:00 Quantum Coherence in Light-harvesting Systems and Organic Semiconductors Prof. CAO Jianshu
09-26 10:00 Nonequilibrium transport in high Landau levels of high-mobility 2D electron gas Dr. FU Xiaojun
09-21 15:30 Closing the carbon cycle: upgrading carbon dioxide/monoxide to engine fuels Dr. ZHUANG Taotao
09-19 09:45 Photoinduced Charge Transfer Dynamics via Linearized Semiclassical Methods Prof. SUN Xiang
09-04 16:00 Interplay of spin, orbital and lattice correlations in an XY-like spin-glass (Ni0.4Mn0.6)TiO3 single-crystal: Neutron and X-ray studies Prof. PONG Wayfaung
08-28 10:00 Superconductivity – Then and Now Prof. Warren E. Pickett
08-24 16:00 Observation of Highly Stable and Symmetric Lanthanide Octa-boron Inverse Sandwich Clusters—La2B8- and Pr2B8- Prof. CHEN Tengteng
08-17 10:00 Toward robust quantum anomalous Hall effect Associate Professor Weida Wu
08-09 15:00 Exploring Novel Dirac Electrons in Graphitic Materials Using Near-field Optical Nanoscopy Prof. SHI Zhiwen
08-08 10:00 Transition Metal Dichalcogenides with Multifaceted Topological Phases and Topological Transport Phenomena Prof. YAN Binghai
08-06 10:00 Chemical Biology of Protein Aggregation in the Stressed Proteome Prof. ZHANG Xin
08-01 15:00 Two-dimensional laminar membranes for water processing Prof. ZHANG Xiwang
07-31 14:00 Nanoscale Metal-Organic Frameworks: Emerging Materials for Catalysis Prof. TANG Zhiyong
07-30 15:00 Hollow Multi-shelled Structure (HoMS): Synthesis and Application Prof. WANG Dan
07-30 10:00 Redox-Active Functional Materials for New Applications ¬(Switchable, Addressable and Tuneable) Prof. Charl FJ Faul
07-20 15:00 “Quantum-Sized” Metal Nanoparticles for Photochemical Energy Conversion Prof. SUN Yugang
07-18 10:00 Moiré excitons in a van der Waals heterostructure Prof. LI Xiaoqin
07-16 10:00 Topological and Interaction Effects in Atomically Thin 1D & 2D Materials Prof. Steven G. Louie
07-16 14:30 A Soft Material Approach Towards Grand Energy Challenges Prof. YU Guihua

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