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Time Title Speaker
11-24 10:00 Fighting Superbugs Prof. Edward Yu
11-23 10:00 Adsorption of organic molecules at metal surfaces: Structure, Stability and Functionality Prof. LIU Wei
11-20 16:00 Theory and Applications of 2D Layered Heterostructures Prof. Efthimios Kaxiras
11-20 15:30 History-independent cyclic response of nanotwinned Cu Prof. LU Lei
11-20 13:30 Applications of Machine Learning to Materials Modeling Prof. Efthimios Kaxiras
11-17 10:00 Understanding Solid-Solid and Liquid-Solid Interfaces in Electrocatalysis Through DFT Calculations Dr. ZENG Zhenhua
11-10 10:00 Quantum Critical Behaviors in Low Dimensional Magnetic Systems: YFe2Al10 and Yb2Pt2Pb Dr. WU Liusuo
11-09 16:00 Physics beyond the Standard Model from hydrogen molecules Prof. Wim Ubachs
10-30 10:00 Substrate catalyzes on-surface reactions Dr. GAO Hongying
10-30 16:00 Novel Functionalities in Atomically Controlled Oxide Heterostructures by Pulsed Laser Deposition Prof. Guus Rijnders
10-25 15:30 Nanoparticles for Delivery Prof. YU Chengzhong
10-24 14:30 Transition-Metal Clusters Supported on the CeO2(111) Surface: A Theoretical Investigation Prof. Juarez L. F. Da Silva
10-20 10:00 Water Splitting in Photosynthesis Studied by Magnetic Resonance Techniques Prof. Wolfgang Lubitz
10-10 9:00 Transition Metal-Catalyzed Generation and Alkylation of 2-Azaallyl Anions Prof. Jason J. Chruma
10-10 15:00 Atomic-scale control of ferroelectricity and transport in ultrathin transition-metal-oxide heterostructures Dr. WANG Lingfei
10-02 15:30 Analytical Ultracentrifugation in Polymer- and Colloid Science Prof. Helmut Cölfen
09-30 15:30 Polymers and Crystals – a happy marriage Prof. Helmut Cölfen
09-27 15:00 Leap of Topological Physics: Learning from Honeycomb Structure Prof. HU Xiao
09-20 10:00 Active site self-optimization by irreversible phase transition of 1T-MoS2 in photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: A joint experimental and theoretical study Prof. PEI Yong
09-19 15:30 Mechanoresponsive Materials and Devices Prof. CHEN Xiaodong

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