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Time Title Speaker
07-12 15:00 Oxygen Electrochemistry in Energy Storage and Conversion Prof. CUI Chunhua
07-03 10:00 Hot-Carrier Generation in Quantum-Sized Pt Nanocrystals Prof. SUN Yugang
06-27 15:00 Nanoelectronics: From carbon nanostructures to 1D and 2D semiconductors beyond graphene Prof. David Tománek
06-08 09:30 Applications of Conjugated Polyelectrolytes in Biosensing and Disinfection Prof. Kirk S. Schanze
06-07 15:00 Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Nanoscale Molecular Analysis and Imaging of 2-Dimensional Materials Prof. Renato Zenobi
06-07 10:00 Surface and bulk properties of BaMnSb2, a topological semimetal with non-Trivial Berry Phase Prof. Ward Plummer
06-05 10:00 Exploring quantum magnets and quantum materials with low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope Prof. YAN Shichao
06-02 10:00 Computing biomolecular interactions Prof. Jonathan Hirst
05-31 15:00 Publishing in Nature: How to make an impact Dr. Rosamund Daw
5-29 15:00 The Ages of Carbon Prof. Markus Antonietti
05-25 15:00 Interlayer couplings in two-dimensional materials Prof. JI Wei
05-25 10:00 Transport and Spectroscopy in Illuminated Molecular Junctions Prof. Abraham Nitzan
05-10 15:30 Atmospheric Chemistry: Spectroscopic and Photo-Reaction Chamber Studies Prof. Wolfgang Jäger
05-10 16:30 Chirality-Sensitive Spectroscopies of Non-Covalent Interactions Prof. XU Yunjie
05-09 15:00 Specialty Optical Fabrication Technologies for Microdevices and Sensors Prof. ZHANG A. Ping
04-25 15:00 Dirac points, Valley States and Valley Edge States in phononic crystals Prof. LIU Zhengyou
04-24 16:00 Symmetry, Topology in Advanced Electronic Materials Prof. Thomas Palstra
04-24 14:15 Quantum Magnetism with Ultracold Atoms Prof. Randall G Hulet
04-17 14:00 Special Dimensions of WATER Dr. Gerald Harvey Pollack
04-14 10:00 Modulation of Transport Property at Oxide Heterostructures Prof. DAI Jiyan

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