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Time Title Speaker
01-29 10:30 Hidden phase transitions in metallic glasses and their applications Prof. SI Lan
01-26 10:00 The Transition Path Time Distribution - Protein Folding, Quantum Mechanics, Tunneling Times and Uncertainty Prof. Eliyahu Pollak
01-19 10:00 Realization of a hole-doped Mott insulator on a triangular silicon lattice and its zero-bias-anomaly Dr. MING Fangfei
01-17 16:00 Design principles towards controlling reaction kinetics at the electrified interface Prof. Yang Shao-Horn
01-10 10:00 Geometrodynamics of Bloch Electrons Prof. NIU Qian
01-10 14:00 Majorana zero mode under a microscope Prof. LI Jian
01-04 15:00 Some recent development of ab initio material simulations Prof. WANG Linwang
12-20 10:00 Popular 3D Modeling Techniques and Their Applications Dr. LAI Shuhua
12-18 10:00 Ultra-flexible nanoelectronic brain probes for reliable and high density recordings in neural science Dr. WEI Xiaoling
12-18 15:00 Nanoscale design and in operando visualization of energy storage materials Dr. LIU Nian
12-15 16:00 Silicon-based multi-junction solar cells Prof. ZHANG Xiaodan
12-09 16:00 The Power of Silk: From Structural Organization to Functional Applications Prof. LING Shengjie
12-07 10:00 Three-Dimensional Graphene and Transition Metal Dichalcogenides in Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Prof. ZHANG Wenjun
12-07 16:00 Study of nonadiabatic dynamics and conical intersections by nonlinear broadband X -ray spectroscopy Prof. Shaul Mukamel
12-06 10:00 Quantum Dot Arrays: A Route to Scalable Quantum Optical Circuits? Prof. Anupam Madhukar
11-24 10:00 Fighting Superbugs Prof. Edward Yu
11-23 10:00 Adsorption of organic molecules at metal surfaces: Structure, Stability and Functionality Prof. LIU Wei
11-20 16:00 Theory and Applications of 2D Layered Heterostructures Prof. Efthimios Kaxiras
11-20 15:30 History-independent cyclic response of nanotwinned Cu Prof. LU Lei
11-20 13:30 Applications of Machine Learning to Materials Modeling Prof. Efthimios Kaxiras

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