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07-13 16:00 Topological Hall effect of Magnetic Skyrmions Prof. ZHOU Yan
07-12 10:00 Entanglement, quantum gates, and interfaces with neutral atoms and Rydberg interactions Prof. M. Saffman
07-12 15:00 Oxygen Electrochemistry in Energy Storage and Conversion Prof. CUI Chunhua
07-11 09:30 How do we make fuels using water and sunlight? Prof. WANG Dunwei
07-10 16:00 FMR-Drive Pure Spin Transport in Metals and Magnetic Insulators Prof. YANG Fengyuan
07-06 10:00 Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics with Time-Domain Density Functional Theory Prof. Oleg V. Prezhdo
07-01 17:00 Optimizing Charge Transport for Highly Efficient Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Prof. DUANG Xiangfeng
07-03 10:00 Hot-Carrier Generation in Quantum-Sized Pt Nanocrystals Prof. SUN Yugang
06-28 09:00 Computational High-throughput Screening for Discovery of Novel Materials in Materials Genome Initiative Dr. WANG Zhenbin
06-27 15:00 Nanoelectronics: From carbon nanostructures to 1D and 2D semiconductors beyond graphene Prof. David Tománek
06-08 09:30 Applications of Conjugated Polyelectrolytes in Biosensing and Disinfection Prof. Kirk S. Schanze
06-07 15:00 Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Nanoscale Molecular Analysis and Imaging of 2-Dimensional Materials Prof. Renato Zenobi
06-07 10:00 Surface and bulk properties of BaMnSb2, a topological semimetal with non-Trivial Berry Phase Prof. Ward Plummer
06-05 10:00 Exploring quantum magnets and quantum materials with low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope Prof. YAN Shichao
06-02 10:00 Computing biomolecular interactions Prof. Jonathan Hirst

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Prof. ZHOU Yan from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) visited HFNL 2017-07-13
Prof. CUI Chunhua from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China visited HFNL 2017-07-12
Prof. M. Saffman from University of Wisconsin-Madison visited HFNL 2017-07-12
Prof. YANG Fengyuan from Department of Physics, Ohio State University visited HFNL 2017-07-10
Prof. Oleg V. Prezhdo from Department of Chemistry,University of Southern California visited HFNL 2017-07-06
Prof. SUN Yugang from Department of Chemistry, Temple University visited HFNL 2017-07-03
Researcher Dr. CHEN Gang from ShanghaiTech University visited HFNL 2017-06-28
Dr. WANG Zhenbin from University of California, San Diego visited HFNL 2017-06-28
Prof. David Tománek from Physics and Astronomy Department, Michigan State University, USA visited HFNL 2017-06-27
Prof. LIU Dongsheng from Tsinghua University visited HFNL 2017-06-21

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