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09-27 15:00 Leap of Topological Physics: Learning from Honeycomb Structure Prof. HU Xiao
09-20 10:00 Active site self-optimization by irreversible phase transition of 1T-MoS2 in photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: A joint experimental and theoretical study Prof. PEI Yong
09-19 15:30 Mechanoresponsive Materials and Devices Prof. CHEN Xiaodong
09-15 16:00 Prediction of Two Dimensional Materials Through Global Optimization Prof. XIANG Hongjun
09-14 14:00 The Growth Mechanism of Low Dimensional Carbon Materials Prof. YUAN Qinghoug
09-09 15:30 Nonclassical Nucleation Prof. Helmut Cölfen
09-04 15:00 Memcomputing: a brain-inspired topological computing paradigm Prof. Massimiliano Di Ventra
09-01 16:00 The marriage between catalysis and batteries Prof. WANG Haotian
8-29 15:00 STT-MRAM and Interfacial Spintronics Prof. MIN Tai
08-26 15:30 Design of Carbon-Based Electrocatalysts for Energy Conversion Reactions Prof. ZHENG Yao
08-15 10:00 Discovery of solar fuels photoanode materials with a combination of high-throughput theory and experiment Prof. YAN Qimin
08-14 15:00 Surface/interface stability and modifications in compound semiconductors, new algorithm and applications Prof. Zhu Junyi
08-02 16:30 Advances in materials chemistry applied to renewable energy conversion and storage Prof. Edward Hartley Sargent
07-30 10:00 Designing Colloidal Formulations for Drug Delivery and Drug Sequestration Prof. Anuj Chauhan
07-13 16:00 Topological Hall effect of Magnetic Skyrmions Prof. ZHOU Yan

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Prof. LI Maozhi from Renmin University of China visited HFNL 2017-09-20
Prof. PEI Yong from Xiangtan University visited HFNL 2017-09-20
Prof. CHEN Xiaodong from Nanyang Technological University visited HFNL 2017-09-19
Prof. XIANG Hongjun from Fudan University visited HFNL 2017-09-15
Prof. YUAN Qinhong from East China Normal University visited HFNL 2017-09-14
Prof. YU Haipeng from Northeast Forestry University visited HFNL 2017-09-13
Associate Prof. WANG Kedong from Henan Normal University visited HFNL 2017-09-08
Prof. Massimiliano Di Ventra from Department of Physics, University of California San Diego visited HFNL 2017-09-04
Prof. YAN Qimin from Department of Physics, Temple University visited HFNL 2017-08-15
Prof. ZHU Junyi from Department of Physics The Chinese University of Hong Kong visited HFNL 2017-08-14

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