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Time Title Speaker
06-27 15:00 Nanomechanics of Atomic Friction Prof. GAO Yanfei
06-27 10:00 Design and understand materials from first principles Dr. ZHANG Shunhong
06-26 14:00 Machine Learning and Multi-scale Modeling Prof. Weinan E
06-22 10:15 Landscape and flux theory for nonequilibrium physical and biological systems Prof. WANG Jing
06-20 14:00 Raman spectroscopy and multipole interactions determining molecular polarizability at finite temperature from first principles Prof. PAN Ding
06-20 10:00 Chemical Reactivity at Low Temperatures: From Potential Energy Surfaces to Rate Coefficients Prof. GUO Hua
06-15 10:00 Coherent Energy Transfer Probed by Single-Molecule Measurements and Response Theory without Driving Field Prof. Vladimir Y. Chernyak
06-15 15:00 Exploration on two-dimensional layered polar crystals Dr. XIAO Jun
06-15 14:00 Electrostatic engineering of electronic and structural orderings in two-dimensional materials Dr. WANG Ying
06-14 16:00 Time reversal and the electron electric dipole moment Prof. Ben Sauer
06-12 16:00 Potential for high-temperature superconductivity on a silicon platform Prof. Hanno H. Weitering
06-11 14:00 Design of Ideal Topological Semimetal: From Triple-point to Dirac-Nodal-Sphere Prof. HUANG Bin
06-08 15:30 Controlling Multiscale Cooperation at Nanocrystals Surfaces and Interfaces for Enhanced Electrocatalysis Prof. ZHANG Sen
06-04 10:00 Atomic and electronic structures of complex crystals and heterostructures revealed by advanced transmission electron microscopy Prof. ZUO Jianmin
Photoluminescence and Raman spectral oscillations induced by light interference in monolayer WS2 bubbles Prof. LIU Zhongyuan

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Prof. WANG Jin from Stony Brook University, New York visited HFNL 2018-06-22
Prof. PAN Ding from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology visited HFNL 2018-06-20
Prof. GUO Hua from University of New Mexico visited HFNL 2018-06-20
Dr. XIAO Jun from University of California, Berkeley visited HFNL 2018-06-15
Dr. WANG Ying from University of California, Berkeley visited HFNL 2018-06-15
Prof. Vladimir Y. Chernyak from Wayne State University visited HFNL 2018-06-15
Prof. Ben Sauer from Imperial College London visited HFNL 2018-06-14
Researcher Dr. LIU Wuming from Institute of Physics CAS visited HFNL 2018-06-13
Prof. Hanno H. Weitering from University of Tennessee visited HFNL 2018-06-12
Researcher Dr. HUANG Bin from Beijing Computational Science Research Center visited HFNL 2018-06-11

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