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Nickel-catalyzed direct difluoromethylation of aryl boronic acids with BrCF2H
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 5(4):606-610 Feb 2018

Sheng, Jie; Ni, Hui-Qi; Bian, Kang-Jie; Li, Yan; Wang, Ning; Wang, Xi-Sheng

A nickel-catalyzed direct difluoromethylation of aryl boronic acids has been developed for the first time, demonstrating good efficiency, mild conditions, and good functional-group compatibility. The key to success is the combination of different kinds of readily available nitrogen and phosphine ligands with a nickel source, which can generate a variety of easily tunable catalysts in situ to promote the difluoromethylation of a broad scope of aryl boronic acids.

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