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Twisted waves and instabilities in a permeating dusty plasma
Journal of Plasma Physics 84(2):905840202 Apr 2018

Bukhari, S.; Ali, S.; Khan, S. A.; Mendonca, J. T.

New features of the twisted dusty plasma modes and associated instabilities are investigated in permeating plasmas. Using the Vlasov-Poisson model equations, a generalized dispersion relation is obtained for a Maxwellian distributed plasma to analyse the dust-acoustic and dust-ion-acoustic waves with finite orbital angular momentum (OAM) states. Existence conditions for damping/growth rates are discussed and showed significant modifications in twisted dusty modes as compared to straight propagating dusty modes. Numerically, the instability growth rate, which depends on particle streaming and twist effects in the wave potential, is significantly modified due to the Laguerre-Gaussian profiles. Relevance of the study to wave excitations due to penetration of solar wind into cometary clouds or interstellar dusty plasmas is discussed.

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