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Self-Standing Hierarchical P/CNTs@rGO with Unprecedented Capacity and Stability for Lithium and Sodium Storage
Chen 4(2):372-385 Feb 2018

Zhou, Jianbin; Jiang, Zhuoheng; Niu, Shuwen; Zhu, Shanshan; Zhou, Jie; Zhu, Yongchun; Liang, Jianwen; Han, Dongdong; Xu, Kangli; Zhu, Linqin; Liu, Xiaojing; Wang, Gongming; Qian, Yitai

Red phosphorus (P) suffers from large volume variation and poor conductivity as anodes for lithium and sodium ion batteries. Moreover, the currently used evaporation-condensation preparation method raises serious safety concerns, and ball-milled P/C also gives poor performance because of interparticle adhesion. Here, we present a mild solution synthesis of unique hierarchical P/CNTs@rGO, which not only achieves maximum conductivity in red P agglomerates but also provides volume variation space to relieve the pulverization issues. Even at a high P content of 70 wt %, P/CNTs@rGO still exhibits a specific capacity of 2,189.1 mA hr g−1 for lithium-ion batteries and 2,112.9 mA hr g−1 for sodium-ion batteries. These values are very close to the theoretical specific capacity. More importantly, it achieves an unprecedented gravimetric capacity of 1,532.4 mA hr g−1 on the basis of the mass of the whole electrode, as well as excellent cycling performance for 500 cycles, representing the best Li-storage performance among red-P-based electrodes to date.

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