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Laser frequency stabilization using a commercial wavelength meter
Review of Scientific Instruments 89(4):43103 Apr 2018

Couturier, Luc; Nosske, Ingo; Hu, Fachao; Tan, Canzhu; Qiao, Chang; Jiang, Y. H.; Chen, Peng; Weidemueller, Matthias

We present the characterization of a laser frequency stabilization scheme using a state-of-the-art wavelength meter based on solid Fizeau interferometers. For a frequency-doubled Ti-sapphire laser operated at 461 nm, an absolute Allan deviation below 10−9 with a standard deviation of 1 MHz over 10 h is achieved. Using this laser for cooling and trapping of strontium atoms, the wavemeter scheme provides excellent stability in single-channel operation. Multi-channel operation with a multimode fiber switch results in fluctuations of the atomic fluorescence correlated to residual frequency excursions of the laser. The wavemeter-based frequency stabilization scheme can be applied to a wide range of atoms and molecules for laser spectroscopy, cooling, and trapping.

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