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Highly sensitive and skin-like pressure sensor based on asymmetric double-layered structures of reduced graphite oxide
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 255(2):1262-1267 Feb 2018

Zhu, Yunsong; Li, Junwen; Cai, Hongbing; Wua, Yiming; Ding, Huaiyi; Pan, Nan; Wang, Xiaoping

In this work, a resistive pressure sensor based on asymmetric double-layered structures was fabricated readily by direct laser reduction of graphite oxide(GO) to graphene. The pressure sensor shows high sensitivity (∼2 kPa−1), fast response time (∼0.15 ms) and high cycle stability. Its response frequency to the acoustic vibration can be up to ∼2 kHz. More importantly, the sensor can be pasted on the skin to monitor the wrist pulse in real-time. In addition, it can detect the finger touching and wrist bending. The high performance of this skin-like sensor, along with its facilely scaled up fabrication process, facilitates its great potential used in the wide applications such as pressure sensing, health monitor and even human-computer interaction.

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