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Conductive Nanocrystalline Niobium Carbide as High-Efficiency Polysulfides Tamer for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Advanced Functional Materials 28(2):1704865 Jan 2018

Cai, Wenlong; Li, Gaoran; Zhang, Kailong; Xiao, Guannan; Wang, Can; Ye, Kefen; Chen, Zhongwei; Zhu, Yongchun; Qian, Yitai

Rational design of functional interlayer is highly significant in pursuit of high‐performance Li‐S batteries. Herein, a nanocrystalline niobium carbide (NbC) is developed via a facile and scalable autoclave technology, which is, for the first time, employed as the advanced interlayer material for Li‐S batteries. Combining the merits of strong polysulfides (PS) anchoring with high electric conductivity, the NbC‐coated membrane enables efficiently tamed PS shuttling and fast sulfur electrochemistry, achieving outstanding cyclability with negligible capacity fading rate of 0.037% cycle−1over 1500 cycles, superb rate capability up to 5 C, high areal capacity of 3.6 mA h cm−2under raised sulfur loading, and reliable operation even in soft‐package cells. This work offers a facile and effective method of promoting Li‐S batteries for practical application.

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