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Proton-detected solid-state NMR detects the inter-nucleotide correlations and architecture of dimeric RNA in microcrystals
Chemical Communications 53(96):12886-12889 Dec 2017

Yang, Yufei; Xiang, ShengQi; Liu, Xiaodan; Pei, Xiaojing; Wu, Pengzhi; Gong, Qingguo; Li, Na; Baldus, Marc; Wang, Shenlin

We report a novel proton-detected MAS solid-state NMR strategy based on 15N–15N proton assisted recoupling to detect the inter-nucleotide NH⋯N hydrogen bonds within the Watson–Crick base pairs of micro-crystallized dimeric RNA and to confirm the kissing-loop structure. This would contribute to advances in the structural determination of RNA using solid-state NMR.

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