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Pt-Cu hierarchical quasi great dodecahedrons with abundant twinning defects for hydrogen evolution
Chemical Communications 53(51) Jun 2017

Huang, Ruijie; Sun, Zhongti; Chen, Sheng; Wu, Siyu; Shen, Zeqi; Wu, Xiaojun; Zeng, Jie

Hierarchical metal nanostructures which exhibit an open structure and a high density of twin defects accessible to reactants hold great promise in catalysis. Here, we report a facile synthesis of Pt–Cu hierarchical quasi great dodecahedrons (HQGDs) which present 5-fold symmetry and are composed of multiple ordered branched units with a frame structure. HQGDs evolve from icosahedral seeds with multiple {111} twin planes, followed by the growth of higher-order branches. Owing to the unique frame structure associated with multiple twin defects, HQGDs showed much higher HER catalytic activity and better durability relative to commercial Pt/C.

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