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Thermally Stable Metal-Organic Framework-Templated Synthesis of Hierarchically Porous Metal Sulfides: Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
Small 13(28):UNSP 1700632 Jul 2017

Xiao, Juan-Ding; Jiang, Hai-Long

Porous nanostructured materials are demonstrated to be very promising in catalysis due to their well accessible active sites. Thermally stable metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as hard templates are successfully utilized to afford porous metal oxides and subsequently metal sulfides by a nanocasting method. The resultant metal oxides/sulfides show considerable Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) surface areas, by partially inheriting the pore character of MOF templates. Preliminary investigation on the obtained hierarchically porous CdS for water splitting, as a proof of concept, demonstrates its much higher activity than both corresponding bulk and nanosized counterparts, under visible light irradiation. Given the structural diversity and tailorability of MOFs, such synthetic approach may open an avenue to the synthesis of advanced porous materials for functional applications.

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