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Growth of Quasi-Free-Standing Single-Layer Blue Phosphorus on Tellurium Monolayer Functionalized Au(111)
ACS Nano 11(5):4943-4949 May 2017

Gu, Chengding; Zhao, Songtao; Zhang, Jia Lin; Sun, Shuo; Yuan, Kaidi; Hu, Zehua; Han, Cheng; Ma, Zhirui; Wang, Li; Huo, Fengwei; Huang, Wei; Li, Zhenyu; Chen, Wei

Blue phosphorus, a newly proposed allotrope of phosphorus, represents a promising 2D material with predicted large tunable band gap and high charge-carrier mobility. Here, we report a simple method for the growth of quasi-free-standing single layer blue phosphorus on tellurium functionalized Au(111) by using black phosphorus as the precursor. In situ low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (LT-STM) measurements were used to monitor the growth of the single-layer blue phosphorus, which forms triangular structures arranged hexagonally on the tellurium layer. As revealed by in situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, LT-STM measurements, and density functional theory calculation, the blue phosphorus layer weakly interacts with the underlying tellurium layer.

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