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MiR-200c Inhibits the Tumor Progression of Glioma via Targeting Moesin
Theranostics 7(6):1663-1673 2017

Qin, Yuanyuan; Chen, Weilong; Liu, Bingjie; Zhou, Lei; Deng, Lu; Niu, Wanxiang; Bao, Dejun; Cheng, Chuandong; Li, Dongxue; Liu, Suling; Niu, Chaoshi

We attempt to demonstrate the regulatory role of miR-200c in glioma progression and its mechanisms behind. Here, we show that miR-200c expression was significantly reduced in the glioma tissues compared to paratumor tissues, especially in malignant glioma. Exogenous overexpression of miR-200c inhibited the proliferation and invasion of glioma cells. In addition, the in vivo mouse xenograft model showed that miR-200c inhibited glioma growth and liver metastasis, which is mainly regulated by targeting moesin (MSN). We demonstrated that the expression of MSN in glioma specimens were negatively correlated with miR-200c expression, and MSN overexpression rescued the phenotype about cell proliferation and invasion induced by miR-200c. Moreover, knockdown of MSN was able to mimic the effects induced by miR-200c in glioma cells. These results indicate that miR-200c plays an important role in the regulation of glioma through targeting MSN.

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