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Sulfur-Rich Phosphorus Sulfide Molecules for Use in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56(11):2937-2941 Mar 2017

Li, Xiaona; Liang, Jianwen; Lu, Yue; Hou, Zhiguo; Cheng, Qiushi; Zhu, Yongchun; Qian, Yitai

A new family of sulfur-rich phosphorus sulfide molecules (P4S10+n) and their electrochemical reaction mechanism with metallic Li has been explored. These P4S10+n molecules are synthesized by the reaction between P4S10 and S. For Li batteries, the P4S40 molecule in the series of P4S10+n molecules provides the highest capacity, which has a first discharge capacity of 1223 mAh g−1 at 100 mA g−1 and stabilizes at approximately 720 mAh g−1 at 500 mA g−1 after 100 cycles. This new class of sulfur-rich P4S10+n molecules and its electrochemical behavior for room-temperature Li+ storage could provide novel insights for phosphorus sulfide molecules and high-energy batteries.

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