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A Composite Structure of Cu3Ge/Ge/C Anode Promise Better Rate Property for Lithium Battery
Small 12(43):6024-6032 Nov 2016

Liang, Jianwen; Li, Xiaona; Hou, Zhiguo; Jiang, Jun; Hu, Lei; Zhang, Wanqun; Zhu, Yongchun; Qian, Yitai

Much effort has been made to search for high energy and high power density electrode materials for lithium ion batteries. Here, a composite structure among Ge, C and Cu3Ge in Cu3Ge/Ge/C materials with a high rate performance of lithium batteries has been reported. Such Cu3Ge/Ge/C composite is synthesized through the in-situ formation of Ge, C and Cu3Ge by one-pot reaction. Density function theory (DFT) calculations and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) suggest a higher electron mobility of the hibrid Cu3Ge/Ge/C composites through the in-situ preparation. As a result, remarkable charge rate over 300 C (fast delithiated capability) and outstanding cycling stability (≈0.02% capacity decay per cycle for 500 cycles at 0.5 C) are achieved for the Cu3Ge/Ge/C composites anode. These Cu3Ge/Ge/C composites demonstrate another perspective to explore the energy storage materials and should provide a new pathway for the design of advanced electrode materials.

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