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Quantitatively Monitoring the Size-Focusing of Au Nanoclusters and Revealing What Promotes the Size Transformation from Au-44(TBBT)(28) to Au-36(TBBT)(24)
Anal. Chem. 88(23):11297-11301 Dec 2016

Liao, Lingwen; Yao, Chuanhao; Wang, Chengming; Tian, Shubo; Chen, Jishi; Li, Man-Bo; Xia, Nan; Yan, Nan; Wu, Zhikun

“Size-focusing” is a well-recognized process and widely employed for the synthesis of atomically monodisperse metal nanoclusters. However, quantitatively monitoring the size-focusing of Au nanoclusters has not been achieved yet, and the in-depth understanding of the size focusing is far from completed. Herein, we introduce a facile, cheap, and powerful tool, preparative thin-layer chromatography (PTLC), to quantitatively track the size-focusing process, to reveal that mainly ∼3 nm nanoparticles promote the transformation from Au44(TBBT)28 to Au36(TBBT)24 (where TBBT is 4-tert-butylbenzenethiolate) and to improve the syntheses of Au44(TBBT)28 and Au36(TBBT)24. Our work further demonstrates the usefulness of PTLC in nanocluster research and advances one step toward understanding the “size-focusing” process of nanoclusters.

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