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LU Chaoyang, Professor Quantum Physics and Quantum Information
  Name:  LU Chaoyang(陆朝阳)
Born:   1982.11
Tel: 0551-63607511
E-mail: cylu@ustc.edu.cn
Homepage: http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~cylu
Bachelor of Science, Department of Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (2004)
PhD in Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge (2011)

Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge (剑桥大学丘吉尔学院Fellow)
National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars (首批自然科学基金委优青)
Professor of Physics (中国科学技术大学教授)

Hong Kong Qiu Shi Award (2007), President of CAS Award (2009),
Two scientific publications highlighted annual top ten scientific advances in China (2007, 2012),
Overseas Research Studentship + Cambridge Overseas Trust, Cambridge (2008-2011),
Tizard Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge (2011-),
Anhui Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (2011),
National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars (2012),
USTC Young Faculty Career Award (2013),
Shanghai Qianren Talent Program (2013),
Hong Kong Qiu Shi Outstanding Yong Scholar Award (2014),
CAS International Cooperation Award for Young Scientist (2015).
1) Fundations of quantum physics,
2) Quantum computation & quantum communication,
3) Multi-photon entanglement and optical quantum computing,
4) Quantum optics with quantum dot spins and other single quantum emitters.

Review articles & book chapters (* equally contributing first author, ** corresponding author)

4. C.-Y. Lu** and J.-W. Pan, Push-button photon entanglement, Nature Photonics 8, 174-176 (2014).
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2. Z.-S. Yuan, X.-H. Bao, C.-Y. Lu, J. Zhang, C.-Z. Peng, and J.-W. Pan, Quantum communication with entangled photons, Physics Reports 497, 1-40 (2010).
1. A.N. Vamivakas, C. Matthiesen, Y. Zhao, C.-Y. Lu, M. Atature, Invited book chapter in Quantum Dots: optics, electron transport and future applications, edited by Prof. A. Tartakovskii, published by Cambridge University Press (2012).
Refereed journal paper
30. Y.-M. He, G. Clark, J. R. Schaibley, Y. He, M.-C. Chen, Y.-J. Wei, X. Ding, Q. Zhang, W. Yao, X. Xu, C.-Y. Lu*, J.-W. Pan, Single Quantum Emitters in Monolayer Semiconductors, arXiv.1411.2449 (2014), Nature Nanotechnology, to appear.
29. X.-D. Cai, D. Wu, Z.-E. Su, M.-C. Chen, X.-L. Wang, L. Li, N.-L. Liu, C.-Y. Lu*, and J.-W. Pan, Entanglement-based quantum machine learning, arXiv.1409.7770 (2014), Phys. Rev. Lett., to appear.
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24. X.-D. Cai, C. Weedbrook, Z.-E. Su, M.-C. Chen, M. Gu, M.-J. Zhu, L. Li, N.-L. Liu, C.-Y. Lu**, J.-W. Pan, Experimental quantum computing to solve systems of linear equations, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 230501 (2013).
23. Y.-M. He, Y. He, Y.-J. Wei, D. Wu, M. Atature, C. Schneider, S. Hofling, M. Kamp, C.-Y. Lu**, J.-W. Pan, On-demand semiconductor single-photon source with near-unity indistinguishability, Nature Nanotechnology 8, 213-217 (2013).
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