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ZHANG Daren, Professor Bio-X Interdisciplinary Sciences

Name:  Daren Zhang(张达人)
Born:   Feb, 1945, Kun-Ming, PR China
Address: Department of Neurobiology & Biophysics, University of Science and Technology of China, 230026 Hefei, P. R. China
Tel: 86-551-63601447
E-mail: drzhang@ustc.edu.cn
 1964-1970 Graduated with a major in Biophysics University of Science & Technology of China 
 1977-1981 Univ.Sci.Tech.China Assistant
 1982-1986 Univ.Sci.Tech.China Lecturer in Neurophysiology
 1986-1989 Univ.Sci.Tech.China Lecturer in Neuropsychology
 1989-1998 Univ.Sci.Tech.China Associate Professor
 1998- Univ.Sci.Tech.China Professor
 1980-1984 Visual Behavior and physiology research of frog and cat. in Dept. Biology, USTC, Hefei
 1984-1986  Neuropsychological study and research in Dept.Exp.Psychology, Univ. Oxford, UK
 1991-1992  Cognitive psychology research on attention in Dept. Psychology, Univ. Toronto, Canada
1) Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory ( particularly working memory) , attention and perception with neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG), cognitive psychological and neuropsychological approaches.
2) Positive Psychology, particularly in reward, emotion, cognitive control and intervention and related disorders such as internet / e-game /drug addiction with cognitive neuroscience methods.
1) The new test method of working memory, National Natural Science Foundation (2008-2010 )
2) Effects of subliminal stimuli on craving of addicts. National Natural Science Foundation (2009-2011 )
3) Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease , Ministry of Sci & Tech China (973, 2006-2010)
1) DL Sun, ZJ Chen, N Ma, XC Zhang, XM Fu, DR Zhang. Decision-making and prepotent response inhibition functions in excessive Internet users. CNS Spectrums 2009, 14:75-81
2) XC Zhang, XC Chen, Y Yu, DL Sun, N Ma, S He, XP Hu & DR Zhang. Masked Smoking-related Images Modulate Brain Activity in Smokers. Human Brain Mapping. 2009, 30:896-907
3) DF Zhu, ZX Wang, DR Zhang, ZL Pan , S He, XP Hu, XC Chen & JN Zhou. fMRI revealed neural substrate for reversible working memory dysfunction in subclinical hypothyroidism. Brain 2006, 129:2923-2930
4) P Zhang, XC Chen, P Yuan, DR Zhang,*, S He. The effect of visuospatial attentional load on the processing of irrelevant acoustic distractors. NeuroImage 2006, 33 :715-724
5) XW Sun , XC Zhang , XC Chen , P Zhang , M Bao, DR Zhang , J Chen, S He and XP Hu. Age-Dependent Brain Activation During Forward and Backward Digit Recall Revealed by fMRI. NeuroImage 2005,26 :36-47.
6) DR Zhang, XC Zhang, XW Sun, ZH Li, ZX Wang, S He, XP Hu. Cross-modal Temporal Order Memory for Auditory Digits and Visual Locations: An fMRI Study. Human Brain Mapping, 2004, 22 : 280-289.
7) ZH Li, XW Sun, XC Zhang, ZX Wang, DR Zhang, S He, XP HU. Behavioral and functional MRI study of attention shift in human verbal working memory. Neuroimage,2004, 21:181-191.

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