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SUN Rui, Professor Structure and Function of Biomacromolecules
 Name: Sun Rui (孙汭)
 Born: 1959.06
 Address: School of Life Science, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230027, P. R. China
 Tel: 86-551-63607379(O)
 Fax: 86-551-63600832
 E-mail sunr@ustc.edu.cn
 Homepage: http://ioi.ustc.edu.cn/sr_lab
 03/1978-12/1982 Bachelor of Medicine, Shanxi Medical University, China
 09/1997-06/2000 M.S., Immunology, Normal Bethune Med Univ, Changchun, China
 1985.10-2001.03 Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Shandong Acad Med Sci, China
 1995.09-1996.09 Visiting Scientist, NCI, NIH, USA
 2001.03-2002.03 Visiting Scientist, NCI, NIH, USA
 2002.04-2006.03 Visiting Scientist, NIAAA, NIH, USA
 2006.06-present Professor, University of Science and Technology of China
We are attempting to study the roles of innate immune receptors in NK cells- or NKT cells-mediated liver injury and diseases. Currently, we are elucidating how the PAMPs induce the ligand expression of hepatic parenchymal cells and hepatic non-parenchymal cells such as Kupffer cells, Sttellet cells and liver sinusoid endothelial cells, which may be recognized by receptors of NK cells or NKT cells as the stressed signals or danger signals. The cellular and molecular mechanisms of PAMPs-induced interaction between lymphoid cells and non-lymphoid cells and their pathological importance in liver diseases are investigated.
We are studying the roles of NK cell receptors such as NCRs, NKG2 family, KIRs, SLAMs and DNAMs in synapse formation between NK cells and targets. The integrated signals and balance of inhibitory and stimulatory receptors in immune synapse formation and function are also interested.
1) Cui K, Yan G, Xu C, Chen Y, Wang J, Zhou R, Bai L, Lian Z, Wei H, Sun R*, Tian Z*. Invariant NKT cells promote alcohol-induced steatohepatitis through interleukin-1β in mice. J Hepatol. 2015 Jan, 62(6):1311-1318.             
2) Cao G, Wang J, Zheng X, Wei H, Tian Z, Sun R*. Tumor therapeutics work as stress inducers to enhance tumor sensitivity to NK cell cytolysis by upregulating NKp30 ligand B7-H6. J Biol Chem. 2015 Oct 15;290(50):29964-29973
3) Deng G, Zheng X, Zhou J, Wei H, Tian Z, Sun R*. Generation and preclinical characterization of an NKp80-Fc fusion protein for redirected cytolysis of NK cells against leukemia. J Biol Chem. 2015 Sep 11;290(37):22474-84.
4) Wang W, Guo H, Geng J, Zheng X, Wei H, Sun R*, Tian Z*. Tumor-released Galectin-3, a soluble inhibitory ligand of human NKp30, plays an important role in tumor escape from NK cell attack. J Biol Chem. 2014 Nov 28; 289 (48):33311-9.
5) Hou S, Ge K, Zheng X, Wei H, Sun R*, Tian Z*. CD226 protein is involved in immune synapse formation and triggers Natural Killer (NK) cell activation via its first extracellular domain. J Biol Chem. 2014 Mar 7;289(10):6969-77.
6) Bi J, Zheng X, Chen Y, Wei H, Sun R*, Tian Z*. TIGIT safeguards liver regeneration through regulating natural killer cell-hepatocyte crosstalk. Hepatology. 2014 Oct; 60(4):1389-98.
7) Bi J, Zhang Q, Liang D, Xiong L, Wei H, Sun R*, Tian Z*. T-cell Ig and ITIM domain regulates natural killer cell activation in murine acute viral hepatitis. Hepatology. 2014 May; 59(5):1715-25.
8) Geng J, Wang X, Wei H, Sun R*, Tian Z*. Efficient attenuation of NK cell-mediated liver injury through genetically manipulating multiple immunogenes by using a liver-directed vector. J Immunol. 2013 May 1;190(9):4821-9.
9) Wang X, Sun R*, Wei H, Tian Z*. High-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1)-Toll-likereceptor (TLR)4-interleukin (IL)-23-IL-17A axis in drug-induced damage-associated lethal hepatitis: Interaction of γδ T cells with macrophages. Hepatology. 2011 Jan; 57(1):373-84.
10) Wei H, Wei H, Wang H, Tian Z, Sun R*. Activation of natural killer cells inhibits liver regeneration in toxin-induced liver injury model in mice via tumor necrosis factor-alpha-dependent mechanism. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2010 Jul; 299(1):G275-82.


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