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HU Shuiming, Professor Atomic and Molecular Sciences
Name:  HU, Shui-Ming (S.-M. Hu)
Born:   November, 1973, Anhui, China
Address: Department of Chemical Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, 230026 Hefei, China
Tel: +86-551-63606557(O) 63607460(L)
Fax: +86-551-63607632
E-mail: smhu@ustc.edu.cn
Web: http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~smhu/
1991.9 – 1995.7 B.S., Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
1995.9 – 2000.6 Ph. D., Department of Chemical Physics, USTC
1997.9 – 1998.8 Visiting Ph.D student, Department of Chemistry, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
2000.3 Visiting scientist, Institute of Atmospheric Optics, Russian Academy of Science
2000.7 – 2001.12 Lecturer, Department of Chemical Physics, USTC
2001.7 – 2001.9 Visiting researcher, Department of Chemistry, University of Hongkong, Hongkong
2002.1– 2005.12 Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Physics, USTC
2003.3-8 & 2004.6-8 Research fellow, Chemistry Department, Rice University, U.S.
2003.1 & 2005.1 Visiting Scientist, CNRS/UJF-Grenoble, France
2005.10 – 2006.6 Visiting Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.
2006.1– Professor, Department of Chemical Physics, USTC
2010.7 – 2011.3 Visiting Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.
1) Precision spectroscopy of atoms and molecules
2) Laser cooling and atom trap trace analysis: from technique to applications 
3) High-resolution infrared spectroscopy of atmospheric molecules
1) "Precision spectroscopy with an optical-frequency-comb-referenced cavity ring-down spectrometer in the mid-infrared”, Key project for developing scientific research instruments, NSFC, 2015-2019.
2) "Determination of the Boltzmann constant from the precision spectroscopy of molecules”, Key research projects “Physics in Precision Measurement”, NSFC, 2015-2018.
3) "High-precision spectroscopy of atoms and molecules", China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, 2013-2016.
4) "Metrology studies of techniques for characterizing aerosols", Ministry of Science and Technology, 2013-2016.
1) Analysis of Kr-85 and Kr-81 in a few liters of air,
Tu, L.-Y.; Yang, G.-M.; Cheng, C.-F.; Liu, G.-L.; Zhang, X.-Y.; Hu, S.-M.
Analytical Chemistry
2014, 86: 4002-07.
2) Line parameters of the 782 nm band of CO2,
Lu, Y.; Liu, A.-W.; Li, X.-F.; Wang, J.; Cheng, C.-F.; Sun, Y. R.; Lambo, R.; Hu, S.-M. 
Astrophysical Journal
, 2013, 775(1): 71.
3) Analysis of 85Kr: a comparison at the 10-14 level using micro-liter samples, 
Yang, G.-M.; Cheng, C.-F.; Jiang, W.; Lu, Z.-T.; Purtschert, R.; Sun, Y.-R.; Tu, L.-Y.; Hu, S.-M.,
Scientific Reports,2013, 3: 1596.
4) Electric-quadrupole transition of H2 determined to 10-9 precision.
Cheng, C.-F.; Sun, Y. R.; Pan, H.; Wang, J.; Liu, A.-W.; Campargue, A.; Hu, S.-M.,
Physical Review A ,2012, 85 (2), 024501.
5) Cavity ring-down spectroscopy of Doppler-broadened absorption line with sub-MHz absolute frequency accuracy.
Cheng, C.-F.; Sun, Y. R.; Pan, H.; Lu, Y.; Li, X.-F.; Wang, J.; Liu, A.-W.; Hu, S.-M.,
Optics Express 2012, 20 (9), 9956-61.
6) Application of cavity ring-down spectroscopy to the Boltzmann constant determination.
Sun, Y. R.; Pan, H.; Cheng, C.-F.; Liu, A.-W.; Zhang, J.-T.; Hu, S.-M.,
Optics Express 2011, 19 (21), 19993-20002.

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