Division of Molecular and Cellular Biophysics

Director of Division : Prof. YAO Xuebiao
Research Areas: 
Faculties of Division (Sort by name)
YAO Xuebiao Professor, Changjiang-Professor, National Outstanding Youth, Hundred Talents Program
CAI Gang Professor
CHEN Yuxing Professor
DING Yong Professor
FU Chuanhai Professor
GONG Weimin Professor,National Outstanding Youth, Hundred Talents Program
GUANG Shouhong Professor
HONG Jingjun Professor
HUANG Chengdong Professor
LIU Haiyan Professor, National Outstanding Youth, Hundred Talents Program
LIU Xing Professor
LONG Dong Professor, Young Thousand Talents Program
MA Shisong Professor
NIU Liwen Professor, National Outstanding Youth
SHI Yunyu Professor
SUN Linfeng Professor
TAO Yuyong Professor
TENG Maikun Professor
TIAN Changlin Professor, Hundred Talents Program
WANG Xuejuan Professor
WU Jihui Professor
XIANG Chengbin Professor
XU Chao Professor
ZANG Jianye Professor, Hundred Talents Program
ZHANG Zhiyong Professor
ZHAO Zhong Professor
ZHENG Jishen Professor
ZHOU Congzhao Professor, Hundred Talents Program
CHEN quan Associate Professor
DOU Zhen Associate Professor
GONG Qingguo Associate Professor
GUO Zhen Associate Professor
JIANG Yongliang Associate Professor
LI Weifang Associate Professor
LI Xu Associate Professor
RUAN Ke Associate Professor
TU Xiaoming Associate Professor
ZHANG Longhua Associate Professor

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