Division of Single-molecule Physics and Chemistry

Division Director: Prof. DONG Zhenchao 

Research Areas: 
  ·Single-molecule science
  · High-resolution vibrational spectroscopy of molecules and bond selective chemistry
  · Spectroscopy and photodissociation dynamics of small molecules and free radicals
  · Electron impact spectroscopy
  · Static and dynamic behavior of molecules in complex environment
Faculties of Division (Sort by name)
ZHANG Hui Professor, Hundred Talents Program
WANG Xingan Professor
CHEN Xiangjun Professor
CHEN Yang Professor, Hundred Talents Program
CHEN Yanxia Professor
DONG Zhenchao Professor, Director
HOU Jianguo Professor, Academician
HU Shuiming Professor
HUANG Weixin Professor
LI Bin Associate Professor
LIU Shilin Professor
LU Qingyou Professor
LU Zhengtian Professor
TIAN Shanxi Professor
WANG Bing Professor
YANG Shangfeng Professor
ZHANG Qun Professor
ZHANG Yang Professor
ZHOU Xiaoguo Associate Professor
ZHU Linfan Professor
ZHU Qingshi Professor, Academician

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