Division of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information

Director of Division: Prof. PAN Jianwei
Research Areas: 
 · Quantum cryptography and quantum communication
 · Quantum memory with atomic ensembles
 · Experimental multi-photon interferometry
 · NMR quantum computation
 · Theory on quantum foundations and quantum information
Faculties of Division (Sort by name)
PAN Jianwei Professor, Academician, Director, Thousand Talents
Barry Sanders QianRen Chair Professor
BAO Xiao-Hui Professor
CHEN Kai Professor
CHEN Shuai Professor
CHEN Tengyun Professor (Research)
CHEN Yuao Professor
DAI Hanning Professor
DENG Youjin Professor
HUO Yongheng Professor
LIAO Shengkai Advanced Engineer(Professor)
LIU Naile Professor
LU Chaoyang Professor
Matthias Weidemüller QianRen Chair Professer
PENG Chengzhi Professor (Research)
WANG Xilin Professor
XU Feihu Professor
YANG Tao Professor
YAO Xingcan Professor
YIN Juan Professor
YU Sixia Professor
YUAN Zhensheng Professor
ZHANG Jun Advanced Engineer(Professor)
ZHANG Qiang Professor
ZHAO Bo Professor
ZHU Xiaobo Professor
CAO Yuan Associate Professor
DENG Hui Advanced Engineer
JIANG Xiao Advanced Engineer
LI Li Associate Professor
REN Jigang Associate Professor

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