Division of Neural Circuitry and Cognition

Director of Division: Prof. XUE Tian
Research Areas: 
 · Cellular and molecular networks
 · Protein structures and functions underlying the networks
 · Identification of novel folds and structural features in proteins, and structural determination of protein-ligand complexes
 · Modeling of cellular and molecular networks: methods and application
Faculties of Division (Sort by name)
XUE Tian Professor, Director
BI Guoqiang Professor, Changjiang-Professor, National Outstanding Youth, Hundred Talents Program
CHEN Lin Professor
HU Bing Professor
LIU Beiming Professor
LIU Qiang Professor, Young Thousand Talents Program
SHEN Yong Professor,Thousand Talents Program,Changjiang-Professor
SONG Xiaoyuan Professor,Young Thousand Talents Program
TANG Aihui Professor
WANG Xiangting Professor
WANG Chao Professor
WEN Quan Professor, Hundred Talents Program
XIONG Wei Professor, Young Thousand Talents Program
YANG Yupeng Professor
ZHANG Mingjie Professor
ZHANG Xiaochu Professor, Hundred Talents Program
ZHANG Zhi Professor, Young Thousand Talents Program
ZHOU Jiangning Professor, Hundred Talents Program
ZHOU Yifeng Professor
CHEN Jutao Associate Professor
WANG Ming Associate Professor
ZHU Qingyuan Associate Professor

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