Division of Theoretical and Computational Sciences

Director of Division : Prof. YANG Jinlong
Research Areas: 
 · Structural and electronic properties of novel materials at microscale
 · Transport properties of nano and molecular devices
 · New computational methods for complex systems
 · Many-body theory and non-equilibrium statistical physics
 · Modeling, simulations, and dynamical analyses of biomolecules and biosystems
Faculties of Division (Sort by name)
YANG Jinlong Professor, Director, Changjiang-Professor, National Outstanding Youth
CUI Ping Professor
DING Zejun Professor, National Outstanding Youth
HOU Zhonghuai Professor
HU Wei Professor
JIANG Jun Professor, Young Thousand Talents Program
JIANG Bin Professor
LI Qunxiang Professor
LI Weixue Professor, National Outstanding Youth, Hundred Talents Program
LI Zhenyu Professor
LIN Zijing Professor, Hundred Talents Program
LUO Yi Professor, Director, Thousand Talents Program
PAN Bicai Professor, Hundred Talents Program
QIAO Zhenhua Professor
SHI Qinwei Research Fellow
WANG Zhengfei Professor
WU Mingwei Professor, National Outstanding Youth, Hundred Talents Program
WU Xiaojun Professor
XU Ning Professor, Hundred Talents Program
XU Ruixue Professor
YAN Yijing Professor, Thousand Talents Program
ZHANG Zhenyu Professor
ZHAO Jin Professor
ZHENG Xiao Professor
ZHU Wenguang Professor
HE Haiyan Associate Professor
SUN Xia Associate Professor
YUAN Lanfeng Associate Research Fellow
ZHANG Wenhua Associate Professor

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