Time Title Speaker
12-10 04:38 Emergent phenomena in transition metal oxides
12-10 08:41 Light-Driven Electron Transport in Molecular Junctions: Theory and Applications
12-06 02:46 Explicit Analytical OSV-MP2 Energy Gradients For Molecular Dynamical Properties
11-26 04:50 Physics with Penning traps towards the precision limit Dr. Klaus Blaum
11-22 09:48 Quantum Nanoscience: Atoms on Surfaces Prof. Andreas J. Heinrich
10-24 04:00 X-ray Nanochemistry: Concepts and Development Dr. GUO Ting
10-24 10:00 Electron-phonon Interaction Using All-electron Numeric Atom-centered Orbitals Dr. SHANG Honghui
10-23 02:00 Fermionic analogue of black hole radiation with a high Hawking temperature Prof. LIU Feng
10-23 10:00 Flat-Band Materials Prof. LIU Feng
10-16 04:00 Synthetic Interfacial Optics: Manipulating the Light at Interface Prof. QIU Chengwei
10-16 02:00 Hydrothermal synthesis of rare earth compounds Prof. Kazumichi Yanagisawa
10-15 04:00 2-D Oxide Nano-Systems: Substrate Coupling and Strain Effects Prof. Falko P. Netzer
10-09 10:00 Functional Properties of Soft Materials Prof. Takeo Furukawa
09-28 10:00 Advanced Electron Microscopy for Thermoelectric Materials Prof. HE Jiaqing
09-27 10:00 Quantum Coherence in Light-harvesting Systems and Organic Semiconductors Prof. CAO Jianshu
09-26 10:00 Nonequilibrium transport in high Landau levels of high-mobility 2D electron gas Dr. FU Xiaojun
09-21 03:30 Closing the carbon cycle: upgrading carbon dioxide/monoxide to engine fuels Dr. ZHUANG Taotao
09-19 09:45 Photoinduced Charge Transfer Dynamics via Linearized Semiclassical Methods Prof. SUN Xiang
09-04 04:00 Interplay of spin, orbital and lattice correlations in an XY-like spin-glass (Ni0.4Mn0.6)TiO3 single-crystal: Neutron and X-ray studies Prof. PONG Wayfaung
08-28 10:00 Superconductivity – Then and Now Prof. Warren E. Pickett

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