Time Title Speaker
01-16 10:00 Linear and second order responses in topological semimetals Dr. SUN Yan
01-18 16:00 Low-temperature nano-imaging of polaritons and correlated electrons in quantum materials Dr. Alexander S. McLeod
01-18 15:00 THz near-field nano-imaging and nano-spectroscopy Prof. LIU Mengkun
01-09 16:00 Real-Time Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Calculations Dr. JIA Weile
01-03 10:00 Getting Something for Nothing: Classical and Machine-Learning Methods for Quantum Simulation Prof. Thomas F. Miller III
01-05 10:00 When Single Atom Meets 2D materials: from STM Study to Single Atom Catalysis Dr. LU Jiong
01-03 14:30 Quantum and mesoscopic transport in “engineered” nano-electronic devices Dr. ZHANG Haijing
12-21 15:00 Synchrotron-based ARPES on Topological Insulators and Semimetals
12-17 10:00 Layer-dependent optical properties of few-layer black phosphorus
Emergent phenomena in transition metal oxides
Light-Driven Electron Transport in Molecular Junctions: Theory and Applications
Explicit Analytical OSV-MP2 Energy Gradients For Molecular Dynamical Properties
Physics with Penning traps towards the precision limit Dr. Klaus Blaum
Quantum Nanoscience: Atoms on Surfaces Prof. Andreas J. Heinrich
X-ray Nanochemistry: Concepts and Development Dr. GUO Ting
Electron-phonon Interaction Using All-electron Numeric Atom-centered Orbitals Dr. SHANG Honghui
Fermionic analogue of black hole radiation with a high Hawking temperature Prof. LIU Feng
Flat-Band Materials Prof. LIU Feng
Synthetic Interfacial Optics: Manipulating the Light at Interface Prof. QIU Chengwei
Hydrothermal synthesis of rare earth compounds Prof. Kazumichi Yanagisawa

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