Prof. FANG Qianrong from Jilin University visited HFNL 2019-08-22
Dr. LIU Qi from City University of Hong Kong visited HFNL 2019-08-22
Prof. YAN Yushan from University of Delaware visited HFNL 2019-08-22
Prof. ZHU Xiaoyang from Columbia University visited HFNL 2019-08-13
Prof. Graeme Henkelman from University of Texas at Austin vi... 2019-08-12
Prof. Emiel Hensen from Eindhoven University of Technology v... 2019-08-01
Dr. SHE Yinan from University of Minnesota visited HFNL 2019-07-29
Dr. ZHENG Weiwei from Syracuse University visited HFNL 2019-07-29
Assistant Prof. ZHANG Qiang from Washington State University... 2019-07-24
Researcher Dr. HUANG Ning from Zhejiang University visited H... 2019-07-24
Prof. ZHANG Xu from California State University Northridge v... 2019-07-22
Researcher Dr. ZHANG Wentao from Shanghai Jiao Tong Universi... 2019-07-18
Prof. XIANG Dao from Shanghai Jiao Tong University visited H... 2019-07-18
Prof. WU Tom from University of New South Wales visited HFNL 2019-07-18
Prof. ZHANG Shengbai from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute v... 2019-07-05
Prof. JIANG Zhigang from Georgia Institute of Technology vis... 2019-07-05
Prof. YE Jinwu from Mississippi State university & Capital N... 2019-07-04
Prof. YUAN Zhe from Beijing Normal University visited HFNL 2019-07-02
Prof. SUN Jianwei from Tulane University visited HFNL 2019-07-01
Prof. LIU Bin from Nanyang Technological University visited ... 2019-06-24

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