Multiphoton Graph States from a Solid-State Single-Photon Source
ACS Photonics 7(7):1603-1610 Jul 2020 

Li, Jin-Peng; Qin, Jian; Chen, Ang; Duan, Zhao-Chen; Yu, Ying; Huo, YongHeng; Hoefling, Sven; Lu, Chao-Yang; Chen, Kai; Pan, Jian-Wei


Photonic graph states are underlying resources for one-way optical quantum computation, quantum error correction, fundamental testing of quantum mechanics, and quantum communication networks. Most existing works, however, are based on the spontaneous parametric down-conversion sources that intrinsically suffer from probabilistic generation and double pair components. Here, we create two important classes of graph states, a polarization-encoded four-photon Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger (GHZ) state and a linear cluster state, by actively demultiplexing a deterministic single-photon source from a semiconductor quantum dot embedded in a micropillar. A state fidelity of 0.790 ± 0.009 (0.763 ± 0.004) and a count rate of ∼13 Hz are observed for the four-photon GHZ (cluster) state. The results constitute a new route toward the multiphoton entanglement with deterministic single-photon sources. 

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