An efficient medium-bandgap nonfullerene acceptor for organic solar cells
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8(18):8857-8861 May 2020 

Liu, Qishi; Jin, Ke; Li, Wenting; Xiao, Zuo; Cheng, Ming; Yuan, Yongbo; Shi, Shengwei; Jin, Zhiwen; Hao, Feng; Yang, Shangfeng; Ding, Liming


A medium-bandgap acceptor IBCT based on an 2-(1-oxo-1,2-dihydro-3H-benzo[b]cyclopenta[d]thiophen-3-ylidene)malononitrile end unit was developed. IBCT has an optical bandgap of 1.65 eV and afforded a power conversion efficiency of 11.26% and an open-circuit voltage of 1.02 V in single-junction organic solar cells when blending with a wide-bandgap copolymer donor L1. The L1:IBCT solar cell was further used as the front cell in tandem solar cells, yielding a 15.25% efficiency. IBCT is among the best medium-bandgap acceptors. 

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