Name:Yiheng Lin
Address:96 Jinzhai Road, School of Physics room 106, Hefei, Anhui 230026, China
I obtained PhD degree from University of Colorado Boulder at 2015, under the guidance by Prof. David Wineland. During PhD I worked on various trapped ion experiments, particularly on cooling, novel techniques on entanglement generation, and open quantum system. After that I work with Prof. Cindy Regal at JILA institute until late 2017, on optical trapping with single neutral atoms. There we worked on utilizing atoms for post-selected entanglement and vector magnetometry. At early 2018 I joined USTC School of Physics, under the support from the Young Talents Global Recruitment Program.
We are working on trapped ion quantum information experiments, quantum simulation and quantum computing. We are setting up an apparatus for a long ion chain, aiming towards advancing the control techniques on various topics in quantum information processing, including but not limit to including open quantum system, novel techniques of quantum entanglement and fundamental quantum physics.
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