Name:Rongjing Zhang
Address:Department of Physics, Room 321

University of Science and Technology of China

Hefei, Anhui, China

1992 - 1997B.S., Tsinghua University
1997 - 2000M.S., Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2000 - 2006Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, USA
2007 - 2008Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital
2008 - 2013Postdoctoral Fellow, Rowland Institute at Harvard University, USA
2013 - 2014Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology of China
2014 -Professor, University of Science and Technology of China
Biological Physics; Biofilm; Bacterial motility and behavior; Multi scale experimental measurement and characterization; Molecular motor
1.Hui Shi, Shuwen Ma, Rongjing Zhang, Junhua Yuan* (2019) A hidden state in the turnover of a functioning membrane protein complex. Science Advances 5: eaau6885.
2.R. Wang, F. Wang, R. He, R. Zhang*, and J. Yuan* (2018) The Second Messenger c-di-GMP Adjusts Motility and Promotes Surface Aggregation of Bacteria. Biophys. J. 115:2242-2249.
3.F. Wang†, H. Shi†, R. He†, R. Wang, R. Zhang*, J. Yuan* (2017) Nonequilibrium effect in the allosteric regulation of the bacterial flagellar switch. Nature Physics 13:710-714. (†:co-first authors)
4.B. Wang, R. Zhang, and J. Yuan* (2017) Limiting (zero-load) speed of the rotary motor of Escherichia coli is independent of the number of torque-generating units. PNAS 114:12478-12482.
5.R. He, R. Zhang*, and J. Yuan* (2016) Noise-induced increase of sensitivity in bacterial chemotaxis. Biophys. J. 111:430-437.
6.Colin R, Zhang R, Wilson LG. (2014) Fast, high-throughput measurement of collective behaviour in a bacterial population. J R Soc Interface, 11(98):20140486.
7.Laurence Wilson* and Rongjing Zhang (2012), 3D Localization of weak scatterers in digital holographic microscopy using Rayleigh-Sommerfeld back-propagation. Optical Express, 20, 16735-16744.
8.Rongjing Zhang, Linda Turner, and Howard Berg (2010), The upper surface of an Escherichia coli swarm is stationary. PNAS, 107: 288-290.

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