Name:Lei Xu
Address:MASIC 213, North Campus
2003.03~2007.01Anhui Normal University

Electronic and Information Engineering

2007.09~2012.06Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology,

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics

2012.06~2016.10China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Department of Microsystem

Engineer/Senior Engineer
2014.07~2015.06California Institute of Technology

Caltech MEMS Lab

Visiting Research Associate
2013.4-presentUniversity of Science and Technology of China

School of Information Science and Technology

Research Professor
1.MEMS Gas Sensors
2.MEMS Bio Medical Sensors
3.ASIC for Sensors
1.Tie Li ; Lei Xu; Yuelin Wang, Micro-Heater-Based Gas Sensors, Springer, 2017.9.5
2.Xu, Lei; Li, Tie ; Gao, Xiuli; Wang, Yuelin, Development of a Reliable Micro-Hotplate With Low Power Consumption, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2011.4, 11(4): 913~919
3.Xu, Lei; Li, Tie ; Wang, Yuelin, A Novel Three-Dimensional Microheater, IEEE Electron Device Letters, 2011.9, 32(9): 1284~1286
4.Xu, Lei; Li, Tie ; Gao, Xiuli; Wang, Yuelin, A High-Performance Three-Dimensional Microheater-Based Catalytic Gas Sensor , IEEE Electron Device Letters, 2012.2, 33(2): 284~286
5.Jin Wang; Jiaqi Yang; Dongliang Chen; Lele Jin; Yu Li; Yidan Zhang; Lei Xu ; Youmin Guo; Fujiang Lin; Feng Wu, Gas Detection Microsystem With MEMS Gas Sensor and Integrated Circuit, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2018.08.24, 18(16): 6765~6773

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