Name:Kaiqin Chu
Address:University of Science and Technology of China, west campus
Home page:
1991 - 1995Nankai University, Physics, B.S.
1999 - 2002Shanghai Jiaotong University, Physics, M.S.
2002 - 2009University of Rochester, Optics, Ph.D
2009 - 2015University of California, Davis, Postdoc and project scientist
2015 - presentUniversity of Science and Technology of China, Professor
Our research effort can be summarized in the following key directions.
• Super-resolution & Live Cell Imaging
  oAlgorithms for fast and low-signal SIM imaging
  oHardware improvements for fast SIM
  oCombined SIM and quantitative phase imaging
• Point of Care Technologies
  oCost-effective complete blood counting performed by untrained users
  oElastic light scattering for anemia diagnostics
  oDIY whole slide bright-field, dark-field, and fluorescence microscopy
  oPOC devices for chemiluminescent detection of cardiac markers
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2.Xiao, C., Smith, Z. J., & Chu, K. (2019). Simultaneous recovery of both bright and dim structures from noisy fluorescence microscopy images using a modified TV constraint. Journal of Microscopy, 275(1), 24-35. doi:10.1111/jmi.12799
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