Name:Bangjiao Ye
Address:University of Science and Technology of China
2000.07-nowProfessor in Physics, USTC
1999.07-2000.06Visiting Professor at the University of Tokyo
1996.10-1997.09Senior Exchange Scientist, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
1986.09-1992.12Department of Modern Physics, USTC, PhD in Physics
1.Particle Physics and detectors
2.Positron physics and application
3.Muon spectroscopy and application
3.Nuclear solid state physics
1.Xiaojie Ni, Lei Lei , Yu Yu, Junjie Xie, Ming Li, Songwang Yang , Mei Wang, Jiandang Liu, Hongjun Zhang,Bangjiao Ye*,Effect of Br content on phase stability and performance of H2N=CHNH2Pb(I1−xBrx)3 Perovskite Thin Films,Nanotechnology,Vol.30,  165402(2019)
2.Ge, WN  ; Rahman, A ; Cheng, HR ; Zhang, M ; Liu, JD; Zhang, ZM ; Ye, BJ *, Probing the role of cation vacancies on the Ferromagnetism of La-doped BiFeO3 ceramics, JOURNAL OF MAGNETISAND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, Vol. 449, 401-405(MAR 1 2018)
3.Li, Jun; Zhang; Song Bin; Ye, Bang Jiao*; Wang, Jian Guo; Janev, R. K., Low-energy electron elastic scattering and impact ionization with hydrogenlike helium in Debye plasma,PHYSICAL REVIEW A, Vol.96, No.3,  032707(2017)
4.Xu Juping ; Li Qiang; Liu Jiandang ;  Ye Bangjiao*, A comparative study on ferromagnetic C/O-implanted GaN films by positron annihilation spectroscopy,NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION 375, 107-111 (2016)
5.Li Q  ; Xu JP ; Liu JD ; Ye BJ* , Carbon p-electron induced magnetic ordering in Zn-implanted 6H-SiC: experimental observation and theoretical calculation, MATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS, Vol.5, No.3, 056103(2016)

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