Name:Fengjia Fan
Address:Department of Modern Physics 401
2017.8 - nowProfessor, Department of Modern Physics
2013.8 - 2017.8Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
2012.8 – 2013.8Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China
2007.9 – 2013.7PhD, Department of Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China
2003.9 – 2007.7Bachelor, Department of Materials Chemistry, Anhui Normal University
1.Colloidal Quantum Dot Lasers
2.Single Photon Light Sources
1.Fan, F. J.#; Voznyy, O.#; Sabatini, R. P. #; Bicanic, T. K. #; Adachi, M. M.; McBride, J. R.; Reid, K.; Jain, A.; Quintero-Bermudez, R.; Park, Y.-S.; Saravanapavanantham, M.; Liu, M.; Korkusinski, M.; Hawrylak, P.; Klimov, V.; Rosenthal, S. J.; Hoogland, S.; Sargent, E. H.*, Facet-Selective Epitaxy Enables CW Colloidal Quantum Lasing, Nature 2017, 544, 75-79
2.Li, X.; Zhao, Y.-B.; Fan, F. J.*; Levina, L.; Liu, M.; Quintero-Bermudez, R.; Gong, X.; Quan, L. N.; Fan, J.; Yang, Z.; Hoogland, S.; Voznyy, O.*; Lu, Z.-H.*; Sargent, E. H.*, Bright colloidal quantum dot light-emitting diodes enabled by efficient chlorination. Nature Photonics 2018,12 (3), 159-164.
3.Adachi, M. M.#; Fan, F. J.#; Sellan, D. P.; Hoogland, S.; Voznyy, O.; Houtepen, A. J.; Parrish, K. D.; Kanjanaboos, P.; Malen, J. A.; Sargent, E. H.*, Microsecond-sustained lasing from colloidal quantum dot solids. Nature Communications 2015,6. 8694
4.Fan, F. J.#; Kanjanaboos, P.#; Saravanapavanantham, M.#; Beauregard, E.; Ingram, G.; Yassitepe, E.; Adachi, M. M.; Voznyy, O.; Johnston, A. K.; Walters, G.; Kim, G. H.; Lu, Z. H.; Sargent, E. H.*, Colloidal CdSe1–xSx Nanoplatelets with Narrow and Continuously-Tunable Electroluminescence. Nano Letters 2015, 15 (7), 4611-4615
5.Fan, F. J.; Wu, L.; Yu, S.-H.*, Energetic I–III–VI2 and I2–II–IV–VI4 nanocrystals: synthesis, photovoltaic and thermoelectric applications. Energy & Environmental Science 2014,7 (1), 190-208.
6.Fan, F. J.; Wu, L.; Gong, M.; Liu, G.; Wang, Y.-X.; Yu, S.-H.*; Chen, S.*; Wang, L.-W.; Gong, X.-G., Composition and Band-Gap Tunable Synthesis of Wurtzite-Derived Cu2ZnSn(S1–xSex)4 Nanocrystals: Theoretical and Experimental Insights. ACS Nano 2013,7 (2), 1454-1463.
7.Fan, F. J.; Wu, L.; Gong, M.; Chen, S. Y.; Liu, G. Y.; Yao, H. B.; Liang, H. W.; Wang, Y. X.; Yu, S. H.*, Linearly arranged polytypic CZTSSe nanocrystals. Scientific Reports 2012,2, 952.
8.Fan, F. J.; Wang, Y. X.; Liu, X. J.; Wu, L.; Yu, S. H.*, Large‐Scale Colloidal Synthesis of Non‐Stoichiometric Cu2ZnSnSe4 Nanocrystals for Thermoelectric Applications. Advanced Materials 2012,24 (46), 6158-6163.
9.Fan, F. J.; Zhan, Y. J.; Zhu, J. H.; Song, J. M.; Yu, S. H.*, Fluorescent bracelet-like Cu@cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) microrings by a hydrothermal process. RSC Advance 2011,1 (1), 67-72.
10.Fan, F. J.#; Yu, B.#; Wang, Y. X.; Zhu, Y. L.; Liu, X. J.; Yu, S. H.*; Ren, Z., Colloidal synthesis of Cu2CdSnSe4 nanocrystals and hot-pressing to enhance the thermoelectric figure-of-merit. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011,133 (40), 15910-3.

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