Name:CHEN Shuai(陈 帅)

Tel:+86 21 6812 1047
Sept. 1993 to July.1997Jilin University, Undergraduate student
Sept. 1998 to Jan. 2005Peking University, Graduate student
Feb. 2005 to Jan. 2009University of Heidelberg, Germany, Postdoc researcher
May. 2008 to July. 2009University of Science and Technology of China, Visiting researcher
since Aug. 2009University of Science and Technology of China, Professor in Physics
1.Wei Sun, Chang-Rui Yi, Bao-Zong Wang, Wei-Wei Zhang, Barry C. Sanders, Xiao-Tian Xu, Zong-Yao Wang, Joerg Schmiedmayer, Youjin Deng, Xiong-Jun Liu, Shuai Chen and Jian-Wei Pan, Uncover Topology by Quantum Quenching Dynamics, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 250403 (2018)
2.Wei Sun, Bao-Zong Wang, Xiao-Tian Xu, Chang-Rui Yi, Long Zhang, Zhan Wu, Youjin Deng, Xiong-Jun Liu, Shuai Chen, and Jian-Wei Pan, Highly Controllable and Robust 2D Spin-Orbit Coupling for Quantum Gases, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 150401 (2018)
3.Jin-Bao Long, Sheng-Jun Yang, Shuai Chen and Jian-Wei Pan, Magnetic- enhanced modulation transfer spectroscopy and laser locking for 87Rb repump transition, Optical Express 26, 27773-27786 (2018)
4.Zhan Wu, Long Zhang, Wei Sun, Xiao-Tian Xu, Bao-Zong Wang, Si-Cong Ji, Youjin Deng, Shuai Chen, Xiong-Jun Liu, and Jian-Wei Pan, Realization of two-dimensional spin-orbit coupling for Bose-Einstein condensates, Science 354, 83 (2016)
5.Si-Cong Ji, Long Zhang, Xiao-Tian Xu, Zhan Wu, Youjin Deng, Shuai Chen, and Jian-Wei Pan, Softening of Roton and Phonon Modes in a Bose-Einstein Condensatewith Spin-Orbit Coupling, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 105301 (2015)
6.Si-Cong Ji, Jin-Yi Zhang, Long Zhang, Zhi-Dong Du, Wei Zheng, You-Jin Deng, Hui Zhai, Shuai Chen & Jian-Wei Pan, Experimental determination of the finite-temperature phase diagram of a spin–orbit coupled Bose gas, Nature Physics, 10, 314 (2014)
7.Jin-Yi Zhang, Si-Cong Ji, Zhu Chen, Long Zhang, Zhi-Dong Du, Bo Yan, Ge-Sheng Pan, Bo Zhao, You-Jin Deng, Hui Zhai, Shuai Chen, and Jian-Wei Pan, Collective Dipole Oscillations of a Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensate, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 115301 (2012)
8.Bo Zhao, Yu-Ao Chen, Xiao-Hui Bao, Thorsten Strassel, Chih-Sung Chuu, Zhen-Sheng Yuan, Xian-Min Jin, Joerg Schmiedmayer, Shuai Chen, and Jian-Wei Pan, A millisecond Quantum Memory for Single-quanta Spin Wave, Nature Physics 5, 95 (2009)
9.Zhen-Sheng Yuan, Yu-Ao Chen, Bo Zhao, Shuai Chen, Joerg Schmiedmayer and Jian-Wei Pan, Entanglement Swapping with Storage and Retrieval of Light: A Building Block of Quantum Repeaters, Nature 454, 1098 (2008)
10.Shuai Chen, Yu-Ao Chen, Thorsten Strassel, Zhen-Sheng Yuan, Bo Zhao, Joerg Schmiedmayer, and Jian-Wei Pan, Deterministic and Storable Single-Photon Source Based on a Quantum, Memory,Physical Review Letters 97, 173004 (2006)

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